Art + Feminism = STOPJECTIFY

Jess de Wahls' art project #STOPJECTIFYBack in February 2014 I wrote about a fundraising campaign for a feminist art exhibition called Big Swinging Ovaries. Created by London-based Berliner artist Jess de Wahls, who I interviewed for my Exploring Creativity blog series, the show featured huge sculptural portraits of inspirational women which were all hand made by Jess from recycled textiles, and was a resounding success. After a busy year where she had her work exhibited at the Twilight Gallery in Seattle and the headquarters of world famous embroidery firm Hand & Lock in London, Jess has started a fundraising campaign for her next project #STOPJECTIFY.

She is currently raising money via a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, for an extraordinary and inspiring central London group exhibition ‘exploring the damaging effects of objectification through art – imagining an alternative more compassionate reality for all’.

I talk regularly with people about topics such as Feminism, gender inequalities, sexism and the constant objectification many of us face day in and day out. After yet another defeatist comment like ‘Nothing you can do about it’ and ‘I see your point, but we all know that’s not going to change in your life-time’ I figured, like Michael Jackson already sung… If you wanna make the world a better place TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF AND MAKE A CHANGE!

The exhibition will display art that does the following things: defines objectification as one of our universal root problems; addresses gender inequalities and social taboos with regard to objectification; explores the difference between consensual roleplay and everyday misogyny; and imagines an alternative, more compassionate reality where people are more conscious of their behaviours towards others. Another feminist masterpiece in the making! Jess has already had some fantastic submissions from artists across the world, but really needs your help to raise the cash needed for venue costs, set up, take down, marketing and any other help that she needs to pull this off! Please check out the #STOPJECTIFY Indiegogo page and help make this fantastic art show a reality.

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