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Image from Neon Moon's beautiful inclusive lingerie photoshootEarlier this month, feminist lingerie brand Neon Moon revealed their fantastic and inclusive #IAmNeonMoon campaign images, which aim to fight transphobia and body shaming. Featuring three gorgeous models – including a trans woman and a woman of colour – plus the Neon Moon CEO, the photoshoot looks like it was loads of fun and everyone has the smiles to prove it! It’s so refreshing to see different body types in lingerie imagery and I love the philosophy behind the brand and the campaign. Pledging to stand up for all women, everywhere, CEO and founder Hayat Rachi said:

Body positivity is an universal message. It doesn’t matter what gender the person is. So why have we never seen a transgender woman modelling alongside other women in the lingerie industry? There is still so much pressure for women to fit the very narrow standard of ‘beauty’ that society perceives to be the norm. […] Every woman will have faced some form of insecurity in their lifetime, and this is normal, but what is unappreciated by any means is bullying and concern trolling from people who feel they have the right to comment. No one has the right to comment on the way another person looks.

To celebrate this wonderful campaign, I’m giving away my Neon Moon Kickstarter reward: an (unworn) navy blue non! bamboo soft-cup triangle bra in size “Beautiful” (equivalent to UK 14-16). To be in with a change of winning, just leave a comment below making sure you include an email address so that I can get in touch to tell you if you’ve won. (Please Note: the Facebook likes and Twitter retweets that my social plug-in automatically adds to the comment list will not be counted.) You have until 6pm GMT on Friday 20th November 2015 to enter and I’ll pick the winner at random after the draw closes. Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Giveaway: Neon Moon bra

  1. LOVE THIS! These look super comfy and gorgeous. I want one in every design and colour. Thanks for this very needed project. Lots of love xxx

  2. I’ve been struggling to find a company just like this to buy my lingerie from! The bra you’re giving away is exactly my size, would be a great opportunity for me to fall in love with them <3

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