Lust List: October, Halloween edition

Playful Promises Full Bust RangeOctober’s Lust List is, of course, Halloween related. How could I resist the lure of the spookiest of holidays? Once again, it’s underwear (and nightwear) pieces that have caught my eye over the last few weeks for one reason or another… some with more of a seasonal theme than others. They’re not all for pin up girls though, that’s just the images I chose. If you’ve come across any other Halloween undies for sale this year, do let me know in the comments below.

1) Juliet by Playful Promises
Available in sizes 28-36 DD-G, Playful Promises’ new full bust range is gorgeous and extremely desirable, but it was the Juliet with its harness bra, cheeky high waist briefs and roll on girdle which really caught my eye. Perhaps it was the slightly Catwoman-esque image of model Gia Genevieve in a cat mask (see above) which made this set stand out for me, but… dontcha just want it?

What Katie Did Halloween bat corset2) Dollydripp skull pyjamas
I love this cute camisole and pyjama shorts from Dollydripp on Etsy. Perfect for sitting at home watching horror movies and eating sweets while avoiding trick or treaters. They also sell a pirate pyjama set, with a skull and crossbones appliqué.

3) Halloween zombie trunks by Topman
Topman have jumped on the Halloween bandwagon with some brilliantly fun zombie trunks. If having dismembered green hands and feet all over your bum doesn’t appeal, then they have skulls, the grim reaper and skeletons too.

4) fetasialatex’s vampire Halloween vest underwear set
Another Etsy find, this black latex vampire set is delightfully unisex in style with ‘bite me’ written across the chest and a well placed vampire mouth on the crotch of the shorts. Yummy!

5) Halloween bat corset by What Katie Did
I have to admit that this entire list was inspired by What Katie Did’s Halloween corsets. Being a fan of Batman (who isn’t?), the bat design was always going to be my favourite. However, there is also a Halloween cat if you prefer the feline silhouette.

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