Six stylish and cozy coats for AW15

I’m one of those rare people who loves it when the weather gets colder, because one of the most beloved items of clothing in my wardrobe is my winter coat. Every one I have owned is carefully chosen and gets worn for years, until it wears out, but I do still have a look around to see whether there are any new styles that catch my eye. I don’t often post seasonal trend pieces but there are some fantastic coats in stores and online at the moment so, although I don’t need a winter coat this year, I couldn’t resist sharing my favourites from three wonderful brands.

AW15 Coats from Oasis, Collectif and Tara Starlet

Left to Right: The Stripe Coat (130), Oasis; Pearl Coat (185), Collectif; The Vanessa Coat (185), Tara Starlet.

AW15 Coats from Tara Starlet, Collectif and Oasis

Left to Right: The Cocoon Coat (149), Tara Starlet; Anoushka Princess Coat & Cape (175), Collectif; The Glam Cape (100), Oasis.

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