Scream Queens

I was contacted recently by feminist film director Mélodie Roulaud as she wanted to share her latest project, Scream Queens. A short fashion film from a director who is passionate about promoting body diversity would have been high on my watch list anyway, but the summary is even more wonderful.

What happens when you invite nine women to take part in a fashion project but rather than asking them to be beautiful, you ask what frustrates them? What if instead of saying ‘show me sexy’, you say ‘show me angry’? Director Melodie Roulaud reveals a world where individual women’s anger is encouraged and becomes a rarely captured quality in a cacophony of physicality.

Scream Queens stars women aged 12 to 54 years old who tell us what deeply angers them. The cast includes Amrita Acharia (Game of Thrones), Eva Magyar (X-Men, Monte Carlo), Sophie Morgan (TV presenter and model), 12 years old Tang Su Do black belt Ellie Jennings, among others.

Styled by Magda Bryk, the short film features pre-fall 2015 fashion from Chloe, Fendi, Botega Veneta, Joseph, Stella McCartney, Isa Arfen and Issa. Click below to watch the mesmerising Scream Queens.

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