Kiss Me Deadly: Swim with Sharks

Kiss Me Deadly "Cora" bikiniAs many of you lovely Rarely Wears Lipstick readers will already know, three years ago independent UK lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly also started producing their own swimwear. Like the rather femme fatale lingerie styles offered by the brand, the swimsuits and bikinis have all had a lovely retro look and their die hard fans (called Deadlies) have had sneak peeks of the styles on their Facebook page in order to vote for the ones they like best.

This year KMD developed and sampled some new swim styles and the Deadlies absolutely them! Usually the brand raise the money to put things into production via selling the designs to stores, but this year the stores were only looking to buy in boring styles and so it looked like the Deadlies’ desire for leopard print would be left unfulfilled. Then Catherine thought, “why not ditch the stores, and give you the power to get exactly what you want made!” which is how the Kiss Me Deadly Swim With Sharks Kickstarter Campaign began.

By pledging, you can get your hands on the top voted new KMD swim styles, which come in sizes S to XL (roughly a UK8/US4 to a UK18/US14.). There’s a leopard print bikini (see above), leopard swimsuit, a 50s style bikini, and also a flamingo playsuit for lounging on the poolside. All of them would normally sell at 75 plus shipping, but grabbing one as a Kickstarter reward means it’s yours for 69 with free shipping anywhere in the world. If you’d like to see the styles put into production but have a more limited budget, there are also a bunch of other (mostly shark-themed) rewards.

Because Kiss Me Deadly have been running for nine years, and selling directly to customers for six of them, everything is in place and ready to go once the funding’s in place. KMD have an established logistics and fulfillment centre, the patterns are all finalised, and they have a good relationship with the factory that’s manufacturing them. This means there shouldn’t be the long wait that you often get between a campaign ending and your reward arriving. There are only four days of fundraising left to go so, if you are in need of some glamorous new swimwear, pop over to their Kickstarter page and pledge some cash!

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