The A-to-Z of Accessories: Quay Australia

Eyewear from Quay AustraliaThe problem with doing A-to-Z series is when you get to the tricky letters that you can’t think of anything for. Q was always going to be a tough one, but ASOS came to the rescue with their A-to-Z listing of brands, featuring a single womenswear brand under the letter Q, but one that happens to be a season-appropriate accessories brand: Quay Australia.

Born out of the back of a van, Quay Australia started out roadside on the festival circuit. Fronted by husband and wife duo, Allen and Linda Hammond, theirs is a vintage-inspired range of throwback shades. Expect mirrored lenses and oversized frames across a classic collection of cat-eye and aviator styles.

Their stylish sunglasses feature bold frames in striking shapes and materials, with lenses in a multitude of different colours. A favourite with the sort of fashionista who heads to Coachella – or one who wishes she was there! – these gorgeous sunnies are the super stylish and effortlessly cool. Whether you’re heading to a festival this summer, or simply trying to imagine you are whilst on your lunch break, they will compliment any outfit. Quay Australia eyewear is available via ASOS and Topshop.

Quay Australia Eyewear

Images via the Quay Australia website.

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