Review: Black Label ‘Sophia’ by Ultimo

Ultimo black Label 'Sophia' setLast week I received an email asking if I’d like something from Ultimo to review. As it’s a lingerie brand that I currently know very little about, I went straight to their website to take a look. Founded by Michelle Mone in 1996 in order to create comfortable cleavage enhancing bras, Ultimo uses unique silicone pads which put the boost into your bra rather than into your body.

As I have what is often referred to as a pear-shaped figure, I am extremely keen on bras that give an extra boost as I often need it to fill out the top of dresses that are large enough to fit my bum in, so I was keen to try out this brand for that reason alone. Although Ultimo have a fuller bust range that goes up to a G cup, I was immediately drawn to the Black Label range, especially its Sophia bra and high-waisted briefs which both feature black lace over a pale blush coloured base fabric. I am a massive fan of black lace at the moment and really love bras that have a lightly padded half cup and a lace overlay which extends past the edge. (Despite knowing a fair amount about bras, I don’t design or make them and so I still don’t know what this is actually called!) As this particular bra doesn’t go up to an E cup, I went for a 34DD which is a sister size to my most frequently worn 32E. I requested my usual dress size of a UK 16 in the briefs.

Lori wearing the Ultimo Black Label 'Sophia' setThe set arrived in a branded box with tissue paper and I was instantly impressed with the look and feel of the fabrics. The lace and powermesh in this set are both soft, plus the underband of the bra and waistband of the knickers have enough stretch to not dig in and create unsightly bulges. The bra straps are fully adjustable – a bonus for those who are very short or very tall – and the back band feels supportive but comfortable. As this set has the option of my much preferred high-waisted briefs and I had a bit of spare time this weekend to mess around with the self-timer on my camera, you get treated to a much clearer image than my last few lingerie reviews have had. The only tweak I’ve made is to turn down the saturation on my nipples (a phrase I never thought I’d type!) as they showed through the lace and it was a bit more than I wanted to share with the internet. As you can see, the set is absolutely stunning on someone without model proportions, and is a very comfortable and flattering fit. I wore the bra without the pads for this photo, but they definitely work wonders. You may need to adjust the shoulder straps to get a good fit on the cups when they’re in place though.

Impressively, this lingerie set is comfortable enough to wear every day and, as it doesn’t dig in, there are no bulges which might show through tight fitting clothes. The Sophia bra sells for £35 and the briefs are £18, which is pretty good value for adding a touch of everyday glamour to your lingerie wardrobe. Black Label range also contains other coordinating items: a thong, French knickers and a camisole.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a Sophia bra and high-waisted briefs free to review by Ultimo.

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