For Books’ Sake presents… Tongue in Cheek

For Books' Sake presents... Tongue In CheekFor all the women who love reading and women who love writing, there is a wonderful organisation called For Books’ Sake which aims to champion female writers, challenging inequality and empowering women and girls of all backgrounds to tell their stories and have their voices heard. You may have heard of them already. Perhaps you’ve come across them on social media, been sent a link to one of their reviews, heard about their online book club or maybe their campaigning, but did you know that they also publish anthologies? Following their first poetry anthology and a great collection of the best new fiction from the roller derby track, For Books’ Sake is back with their latest anthology… Tongue in Cheek: The Best New Erotica Written by Women.

Featuring filthy, feminist short fiction from women writers from around the world, Tongue in Cheek is a diverse, authentic collection, representing a broad range of sexualities, characters and kinks. So kiss goodbye to fifty shades of bland, boring erotica that only ever features the same sorts of characters (cis, straight and able-bodied, if you’re taking bets), and get down and dirty with Tongue in Cheek; where women with all kinds of kinks and backgrounds explore, claim and celebrate their sexualities in a wide variety of wild and wanton ways.

From sex with strangers (in an anonymous hotel room, while your partner watches via webcam, or on a crowded train) to illicit trysts and extreme exhibitionism via bittersweet breakups and X-rated reunions, Tongue in Cheek is a sexual smorgasbord guaranteed to get you wet and wanting more.

Compiled following an open call for submissions, Tongue in Cheek features published and prizewinning authors alongside emerging voices. These fifteen short stories promise to bring some of that For Books’ Sake magic into the world of contemporary erotic fiction with their own special brand of boundary pushing empowerment. Tongue in Cheek is available as an eBook via Smashwords and comes in a variety of formats so, like the stories themselves, there should be something for everyone.

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