Ann Summers Erotic Fiction: The winners

Giles moulded metal mask, from Ann SummersThe winners of the Ann Summers Erotic Fiction Writing Competition were announced back in February and I’m a really bad blogger for not sharing them with you sooner. The judging panel were inundated with entries from across the globe and received over 400 stories that shared an array of fantasies, experiences and sexual role play. I was interested to discover that 25% of the stories featured a work-based fantasy, 15% of story lines were bondage-inspired, while 32% included accessories (such as floggers, whips and restraints). A further 9% of stories submitted involved more than one lover and, to be honest, I was quite surprised that figure wasn’t higher.

As for the locations, the writers took their characters to hotels, trains, lifts, parks and even into space for their sex scenes. My favourite fact from the press release, however, was that five of the fictional stories took place in a library! The judges (Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold, Killing Kittens founder Emma Sayle, and Cliterati founder and erotic novelist, Emily Dubberley) have picked the three winning entries. Click on their names below to read the winning stories.

  • Izzy French, 49, librarian: “I loved the idea of turning the tables, and for the woman to be in control this time. I’ve always thought art has great erotic potential, and weaving various hues of a sexy colour into my story was great fun.”
  • Matt Cole-Wilkin, 21, barman: “I wanted to write this because ultimately it’s an art, and an art I want to take on professionally should good fortune and hard work allow. My inspiration came from a desire to write overall but the material itself was influenced by real life mixed with a curious studying of Jilly Cooper books.”
  • Catelyn Cash, 54, administrator: “I’ve had short stories published before but nothing compares to the excitement I felt after finding out that my story was selected as the runner up. I’m thrilled that my story had an impact on the judges and I’m excited about the possible prospects!”

Image via Ann Summers.

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