Lingerie lust list: February

Reger by Janet Reger at DebenhamsFebruary’s Lingerie Lust List has stepped away from anything bespoke or luxury, with labels available on the UK high street grabbing my attention more than anything else this month. As I mentioned in January’s post, this series is for anything underwear-related that’s caught my eye and so not everything will necessarily be in my size, price range or country. Hopefully some of it will be on your your list now too!

1) Gossard ‘super smooth’ plunge bra
I love a good plunge bra, especially if its moulded for added fullness, and the wire-free super smooth from Gossard has a lovely design. As it’s not a wired bra, it’s also potentially super comfy. Definitely something I will be looking to try out soon, especially in the lacy fabric.

2) ‘Reger’ by Janet Reger black embroidered set
Having done a bit of research into the history of the Janet Reger brand last year, I have since been keeping a bit more of an eye on the current ‘Reger’ range at Debenhams that is designed by Jane’s daughter Alizia. I love the non-padded bra, thong and deep suspender belt pictured above, in black mesh with pale pink embroidery. Classic glamour without a crazy price tag.

3) Triumph dark pink ‘Amourette 300’ wired bra
The colour and stretch lace fabric of this Amourette bra are beautiful, but it’s out of stock in pretty much every size now so I think I’ll have to console myself with one of the other colours that they make it in. I tried this bra on when I visited the Triumph pop up shop in Covent Garden a couple of years ago and I can see why the style’s been around for a while as it’s comfortable as well as flattering.

4) John Lewis lace cup full slip
This pretty slip from John Lewis is what I wear underneath my Wolf & Whistle tea dresses to stop static cling and it’s so lovely that I really wish they made it in more colours. The stretch lace is comfortable and flattering – plus it looks great over a bright coloured plunge bra – and the jersey fabric is beautifully soft. If you need a full slip that finishes around the knee, it’s definitely worth a look.

5) M&S Light Control Flatter-Me™ Floral Lace Armwear Crop Top
I’m all about the lace this month, aren’t I? While perusing shapewear on the Marks & Spencer website earlier this month, I came across this amazing piece of underwear/outerwear which is ideal for those of us who are not keen on sleeveless tops and dresses. The control sleeve crop top can also be worn as underwear to help those of us with large upper arms fit into snug sleeved garments. If I try it, I’ll let you know whether it works!

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  1. Inspired by your excellent review I bought the set shown in number 2, the Janet Reger. Ordered it online and got the delivery today. I thought I might share my view?

    In the same range is a non-padded bra for smaller sizes and a padded balcony bra that is for larger sizes, a deep suspender (which is what drew my eye) and thong and a nonthong pair of knickers (called ‘Brazilian briefs’).

    Well, I come up weird in bra sizes so I ordered a 32F in the padded bra and a 34E (biggest they do) in the non padded.
    The non-padded is so much prettier!!!! Whole lot more nip on show through the mesh, obviously, which has pluses and minuses. But the non-padded one has this lovely big black silk bow at the back that you hand tie, covering the clasp underneath. They don’t mention it in the description. Does the bra for big sizes have that? Nope.
    I’m keeping the non padded.

    On to the knickers. I’m well into my boobs but my arse is not my selling point, and I don’t enjoy having my anus flossed, so I hardly ever wear thongs, so I plumped for the knickers.
    I like a loose knicker to reduce bulging so I usually go up a size from my normal 12, but I thought, “debenhams, Janet Reger, it’s going to be sized more like Next or M&S, less like Miss Selfridge.” so I stuck with size 12. That was a mistake. They’re actually quite small sizes. I need a 14.
    Notice how in the picture above, the model is wearing the thong? The embroidery on the *cough* ‘mons’ sits perfectly in the space under the suspender belt? Well, I didn’t realise till I put it all on and thought, ‘hang on, something’s missing and it’s not just the model’s perfect bloody airbrushed skin and winsome smile’. The Brazilian briefs don’t have embroidery there. It’s at the sides, hidden under the suspender belt if you’re wearing one. ‘But a woman who doesn’t want to wear a thong won’t want to wear stockings’, says the design department at Janet Reger. (I imagine)

    So, I’m left with kind of a bad taste. The big style bra didn’t have the nicest feature that the small size bra had, and the large style knickers weren’t designed to be worn with the suspender belt (on the debenhams site there are no pictures of the model in the Brazilian briefs *and* suspenders).
    It’s a bit annoying.

    But the set is so pretty, and I’m so enchanted by the bows on the back of the bra (and the suspenders too) that just beg to be untied, I’ve only gone and succumbed and ordered a thong. My anus will never forgive me.

    1. Thanks so much for the excellent review, Chris. It’s such a shame that the embroidery isn’t in the same place on the briefs, and that the padded bra doesn’t have that lovely bow. Sounds like they could have had better descriptions and more photos on the Debenhams website. Thanks for the info on sizing of the briefs too. Very useful. Hopefully the thong won’t be as uncomfortable as you fear.

  2. Oh! I was wrong about the bras. I thought the padded balcony went larger than the unpadded, but they both have the same size range. I stand by the padded one being aimed at/ designed for bigger boobs though. And I am baffled why it doesn’t have the bow on the back.

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