Review: Wolf & Whistle daffodil print tea dress

Wolf & Whistle daffodil print tea dressA couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely people at Wolf & Whistle to see if I’d like to review something from their site. They sent me their gorgeous blossom print peplum dress last year, and when they launched in 2012 I reviewed their Romany floral tea dress, so I was super keen to delve into their SS15 collection to see what caught my eye. As their last style of tea dress is one of my all time wardrobe favourites – so much so that I bought the blossom print and the black lace trimmed versions – I thought I’d try out their new style tea dress. It doesn’t have the puffy sleeves of the old style, or the flattering A-line skirt, but the soft gathers look nice and the waistband ties at the back so you can cinch yourself in. There is only one version of the new style at the moment, the daffodil print tea dress, and the print is so stunning that I simply had to have it.

Wolf & Whistle daffodil print tea dressWhen the dress arrived, it came with a postcard featuring a thoughtful and uplifting quote, which I thought was a nice touch. The print was even more stunning in real life and I quickly tweeted a shot of the dress straight out of the packaging to share the joy. Unlike the last version of the tea dress, the fabric on this one has a slight stretch to it which makes it brilliantly comfortable. Sadly, however, the dress was a less than flattering fit on me. Due to the short distance between my waist and my shoulders, the waistband of the dress had to sit higher than it was designed for, leaving an unflattering bagginess under my boobs. The v-neck sat extremely low too, so my slip was left showing, and pear-shaped me just doesn’t have enough boob to fill out the top. If you find that waistbands on dresses sit too high on you, I think this dress would probably be a great fit on you.

In order to prove that my experience was not a fault of the dress, I asked my good friend Amanda – founder of Irreverent Dance – to try the daffodil tea dress, as I thought it would be more suited to her body shape. And I was right (see image for proof)! Clearly a longer torso and more of an hourglass shape is what was needed to make this dress work, although we both agreed that the wrap style top can become a bit too revealing – a vest or camisole underneath is recommended if you ever want to make eye contact with someone whilst wearing it! I think this dress has definitely found a good home.

Looking at the Wolf & Whistle blog, I’ve realised that I’m sorely lacking in the image department compared to the majority of the bloggers who review their clothes! However, I should point out that I run this site alongside a full time job and so have precious little time for fancy photography. Especially anything outside… how do these people find the time, and a photographer?! I’m consoling myself with the knowledge that I personally get more from a review when it’s accompanied by snaps taken indoors on someone’s phone. After all, if Amanda looks amazing in the dress when I’ve snapped her quickly in my hallway at the end of a weekend of doing All The Things, then you know that she definitely looks amazing in the dress. It’s not careful editing, fancy equipment or great lighting (definitely not great lighting!), it’s just pure gorgeousness.

NOTE: You may have noticed that Wolf & Whistle’s name used to be the other way round. This change happened last year and is explained over on their blog.

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