Seekrit Valentine 2015

A couple of years ago, I started a feature on Rarely Wears Lipstick called Seekrit Valentine, and it’s back for 2015. Inspired by the anonymous messages that used to be such a large part of Valentine’s Day – from the notes we sent each other in school, to the short newspaper ads that were mini declarations of love – this feature aims to refresh the parts that overpriced tat and expensive candlelit meals cannot reach.

I described the messages I posted in 2013 as “little windows into other people’s worlds of love and adoration for their partners, friends and secret crushes” and I have to admit that running it a second time brought me as much joy as it did the people sending and receiving. As before, I invited my friends, readers and Twitter followers to submit short messages to people who mean a lot to them. These are the Seekrit Valentines for 2015 – is there one for you?

When you start dating in January, Valentines Day is a bit awkward. I’m happy we’ll be spending this just a Saturday together. Mostly naked.

Queen of the Shoes. Walking with you through life and love is constantly inspiring and loving to have you by my side.

I wasn’t expecting it, but you made that night so much better by being gorgeous AND a great kisser. One-off or not, I regret nothing!

To the Fiery redhead with eyes deep and blue, may I take off your lipstick, once more, deja vu?


“Love’s language starts, stops, starts;
the right words flowing or clotting in the heart.”

We don’t often speak, but the love hasn’t stopped; I hope one day the words will flow through, not clot, our hearts again.

DB x

@sarcastathon another year of you not knowing and me too awkward to ask you out. Friendzone and friend crushing 4eva

Our diaries rarely seem to align, but please know I have some extremely fond memories of you, and the things you’ve done to me…

Sammeh – whilst this may have been the toughest year ever, I love you very much, Lx

To boy from madam:
The soles are red, the heels are black,
The stockings are Cuban, the lingerie dark. She is over from Paris, to mix evil and good, she made you a G&T, she is waiting…and you?

I never thought the day would come when I would desire someone’s friendship so keenly. Anyone who uses the phrase “just friends” clearly doesn’t appreciate how good those types of relationships can be. To all my friends: never doubt how much you are loved and appreciated.

@catherinehall99 that kiss last year turned my head and stole my heart. I’m enjoying our adventure and hope you are too.

To the boy with a poem but nobody to send it to: there are plenty of romantics and a sea of possibilities. You just have to look harder.

I don’t know if I’ll ever tell you this, but I have quite the crush on you! And not all of it’s intellectual – much as I appreciate your brain, which is a thing of wonder and joy, it’s your control that makes me catch my breath, and you’re so hot I sometimes forget to think. If you kiss me again, I’ll simply fall at your feet.

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