The A-to-Z of Accessories: Muff

ASOS faux fur muffThere are one or two features on this blog that start to become a regular thing and then tail off for whatever reason, and my A-to-Z of Accessories was one of them. It was going so well in 2013 and then life, well, it just got in the way. 2014 was a blur of work (yes, I am one of those bloggers with a day job to pay the bills), and I was also finishing off my part-time Master’s course at London College of Fashion. It’s no wonder my blogging became a little more sporadic! Now that’s all done, however, I can get back to blogging and continue my A-to-Z with… M for muff.

Yes, I know the name’s a euphemism in the UK, but that’s part of the fun! Faux fur is everywhere at the moment and I don’t think there are any more glamorous ways to keep your hands warm than a faux fur muff. So, where can you get one? Lots of places at the moment, apparently, which is good news for your hands in this cold weather.

Check out the gorgeous ASOS black faux fur muff in the sale that has a zip pocket at the back so it doubles as a small handbag. If that’s not enough, there’s a lovely cream coloured one too. Very have an astonishingly cheap one in two colours, Missguided have one with a stylish gold chain, as do Boohoo… in three colours! There are also lots on Etsy – both handmade and vintage – in lots of interesting colours and styles. If I didn’t have a handbag that I needed a hand to hold, I would be so tempted by Born To Thread Clothing‘s large leopard lined magenta one. What a cozy way to make a statement.

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