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Magic ConeWhen I received an email from French company Pissedebout about the launch of their Magic Cone product in the UK, I was intrigued. First of all, there was the name – pisse debout means ‘piss standing’ – then there was the image on the right. I do love a company with a sense of humour! Even as someone who isn’t a fan of festivals, there are still times when being able to pee standing up would be extremely useful, so I took them up on their offer of a review sample.

Each pack contains three Magic Cones which are bioadegradable card funnels – with a coating so they don’t get soggy when wet – packed flat so that they can easily fit into a handbag. The clearly illustrated instructions on the back of the pack are in French and English, but the cones are so easy to pop into the right shape with one hand that you could probably work out how to use it without them. (The instructions that is, not hands. It’d be very tricky without hands.)

Magic Cone, with instructionsSo, does it work? Well, I have to admit to having put this review off for a while because every time I went to the bathroom over the festive season I couldn’t help but think of the increased margin for error when your bits are further away from the loo! I needn’t have worried. There’s no mess, no spillage and I was impressed at how easy it was to aim. Don’t just take my word for it – I gave a pack of them to Amanda from Irreverent Dance and she sent this delightful review:

Magic cone – super easy, perfect first time, love it to a million pieces. Just don’t wait until you need a wee to try and open the packet! #minireview #A* #WouldWeeInAgain

My only issue with the Magic Cone is that it is disposable. This is, of course, great for situations where you can’t easily rinse a reusable urination device, but it also means that you’d have to work out in advance how many to buy and take with you! Still, this could be an extremely useful addition to any festival goer’s bag. My packs of Magic Cones came with promotional stickers that I may save for decorating the most unpleasant ladies’ toilets I encounter in London pubs over the next few months!

The disposable Magic Cone is available direct, or from, for less than 3 for a pack of three.

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