Giving thanks

Today is Thanksgiving and, over the last few years, some of my American friends have helped me to appreciate the heart and soul of this holiday. Gathering together to eat, drink, appreciate friendships and share what each of us is thankful for is something I really enjoy. As I hand in my Master’s dissertation at London College of Fashion tomorrow, marking the end of an important personal journey for me, I thought I would celebrate today by giving thanks to the people who have helped me along the way. So, here is my acknowledgements page…

My MA dissertationI would like to thank the following people, without whom I would not have been able to complete this MA course and research project.

Ben Whyman, Tim Arrowsmith and Jane Holt for their inspiration and encouragement. Jennifer Ugoji, Jill Brewster, Sandy Munns and Jimmy Laffoley for their unfailing support which enabled me to undertake part-time study at this level. Sarah Nicol and Katherine Chorley who welcomed me into their archives with open arms and answered my many questions with great enthusiasm. The Costume Society for having faith in my dissertation topic and selecting me for the Yarwood Award, which has helped to fund my research. All the Graduate School staff at London College of Fashion who have helped shape my knowledge and research skills over the last two years, including Agnès Rocamora, Amy de la Haye, Andrew Tucker and Pamela Church Gibson. My friends and family – especially Jon Topper, Amanda Leon-Joyce, Fiona Deane, Christine Campbell and Adam Steventon – for believing in me.

And, most importantly, I would like to thank Shaun Cole for his constant support and encouragement on this journey. Without his knowledge, enthusiasm and unwavering faith in my academic abilities, none of this would have been possible.

UPDATE: The results are out and I got a distinction!

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