Stuff and hands and pockets

'The Squeeze' dress by Folie A DeuxOne day last week, I found myself wandering around the building where I work while holding my ID pass, a pen and an envelope. On realising I needed to use my hands for something else, I was momentarily dismayed that I didn’t have a bag with me. Then I remembered something amazing… the skirt I was wearing had pockets.

To anyone who lives in jeans or who wears menswear, this probably seems like the least amazing thing ever. After all, pockets are in everything, right? WRONG! As every femme-identified human will know, pockets in womenswear are rarer than media outlets who haven’t commented on Renée Zellweger’s face. Seriously, you can only be guaranteed to get pockets in outerwear, everything else is pot luck.

Thankfully full skirts are occasionally enpocketed these days. I have an H&M midi skirt from last year and a full midi length Topshop skirt from this year, both with pockets, but two examples does not make a trend. Perhaps I should look for contrasting fabrics and add patch pockets to skirts and dresses that I already own? It’s not like I want to keep stuff in my pockets all the time they’re just nice for occasional storage and hand warming/posing.

So, dear readers, I need you to share with me some links to awesome clothing for the practical femme. If I wanted somewhere to keep my lippy and a compact, which skirts fit the bill? If I need to pop my purse somewhere while I head back from the bar carrying drinks, which dresses can help me out? If I want to keep my mobile phone safe between selfies, which cardigans can I count on? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Image via Folie A Deux.

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