Autumn layering with ModCloth

ModCloth emailed me recently, asking if I would “get creative and showcase your autumn layered style with us! We ask that you […] create a styleboard featuring 3 layering items–an undershirt, top, sweater and/or cardigans using all ModCloth items.” I heard of ModCloth a while back and knew that they stocked exactly the type of clothing I like but, as it’s a US site, I’d not been back in a while. It turns out they now offer stress-free shopping for those of us based in the UK, so that’s either very brilliant or very dangerous depending on the current status of my bank account!

My Kaboodle Styleboard with Autumn Layering ideas from ModClothSo… on to the task. When I first arrived on the ModCloth site I headed straight for plus size fashion blogger Nicolette Mason’s line, which is available in a broad range of sizes. I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous colour and shimmering print of the Skyline Selfie Top and decided that would be the starting point for my layering. The site describes the fabric of the blouse as sheer so I decided it probably needed a fitted vest top to wear underneath, especially as the autumn weather gets cooler. I reckoned the A Layer to Love Top was the perfect option for this. The final part of the layering was always going to be a cardigan, as they’re easy to remove without messing up my hair and I could also wear it open to show off that gorgeous shirt a bit more. I don’t like long or baggy knitwear as it’s not especially flattering on me, so the subtly fitted From Place to Place Cardigan was the perfect way to finish off my selections.

Of course, although my layering task was complete, I couldn’t just stop there and so I then started thinking about the full outfit. If I owned these three items, what would I wear them with? I decided that I wanted a grey skirt and the first one that came up when I browsed was absolutely perfect. The Bubble Whammy Skirt has a texture that echoes the print on the shirt, plus it is my ideal shape and length, but the fact that ModCloth had styled it with a top very similar in colour to the shirt I’d chosen that really sealed the deal! Next, I needed some shoes. I’m obsessed with pointed flats at the moment, and am constantly searching for a pair that aren’t made out of something absorbent – because, ya know, we have rain in the UK – so the Right to the Point Flats were a brilliant find. Sadly, there’s only one pair left.

To finish off the outfit, I found some pretty jewellery. I think the Photogenic Fretwork Necklace will work well with the collar of the shirt and the neckline of the cardigan, and the How the Caged Bird Swings Earrings are just too cute to resist. Of course… now I want it all because it’s so very me! What do you think of my ModCloth outfit?

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