Review: Edith knickers, by Blackbird Underpinnings

Blackbird Underpinnings "Edith" knickers in gold velvetI introduced you to Blackbird Underpinnings last year when they were raising money to produce their first collection. Founders Marin Camille and Julia Zolinsky had designed and photographed, on a wonderfully diverse selection of models, a beautiful collection of undergarments that are “inspired by the daring flappers of the roaring twenties and the fierce, able ladies of the tumultuous thirties,” but they needed money up front if they wanted to put them into production.

In November 2013, they reached their goal and set about making their dream become a reality. As one of their backers, I received regular updates on the project – from refining and grading patterns, ordering materials, being listed as one of the “Ones To Watch” at Lingerie Fashion Week 2014 in NYC and then, finally, going into production – so I feel like I’ve really been part of the project. As my Kickstarter reward, I chose the gorgeous high-waisted Edith knickers – named after French singer Edith Piaf – in luxurious black crushed velvet. They arrived in July but I thought I’d save my review for when their web shop opened so that you can buy some yourself, if you so desire.

Black crushed velvet "Edith" knickers by Blackbird UnderpinningsThe photo I snapped on my phone (left) really does not do these knickers justice. The fabric is stunning – it catches the light beautifully and is extremely luxurious. The style comes higher up the body on me than in the shot above because I’m somewhat shorter than your average model, but that’s exactly how I like them. The XL is a great fit on my UK size 16 bottom, the scalloped elastic trim is very comfortable, and the fabric is beautifully soft and cozy. These knickers are perfect for lounging around the house in spring/autumn, or for extra warmth under full skirts in the winter. Either way, you cannot fail to feel glamorous.

The Blackbird Underpinnings web shop is now open if you want to buy your own pair of Edith knickers. Or perhaps you’d prefer some stunning silk Josephine bloomers, an Anas bralette, gorgeous Marlene camisole or elegant Coco romper. The colours on offer are simple and classic (black, champagne and gold) and the styles are timeless. How could you possibly resist?

Top image via Blackbird Underpinnings. Second image by lipsticklori.

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