Classic Trends: Stunning summer florals

Whistle & Wolf Tropical Floral Tailored ShortsI’m not usually one to post on trends, but there are a few classic styles and prints which crop up every year and it’s always fascinating to see how my favourite brands incorporate them into their collections. Florals can usually be relied upon to add a print into your wardrobe, and there’s usually a fun new twist on this particular theme every season. All year round florals are definitely A Thing now, but summer florals can still be relied on to provide classic items or on trend twists. I’ve had a look around to find some that you might not have come across yet.

Whistle & Wolf have got some fantastic bright florals at the moment, and I especially like their Tropical Floral Tailored Shorts (pictured) and the Drawn Floral Dress in electric blue. If you prefer something that you can rely on year after year, you should check out Collectif’s classic tiki style Tallulah Pink Hibiscus Sarong Dress and Fever London’s lovely Viola Tea Dress in cream and red, which handily happens to be in the sale. Even those (usually dark) glamourpusses over at Folie A Deux are getting in on the bright summer action. Their ‘fiction’ style now comes in a pink floral fabric and wiggle dress ‘the squeeze’ has had cute a blue floral summer revamp.

THFKDLF Black & White Floral Tee. Image via The AvenueMenswear brands have some great florals on offer too. Independent UK clothing label THFKDLF has a fantastic black and white floral tee and, as always, Topman has some great options like their black floral shirt with hints of blue and purple, and the floral skinny fit blazer (which is currently in the sale). I am a big fan of Cock & Bull’s organic cotton and silk floral print shirt, but perhaps try a Selected floral cotton tie if you don’t feel confident that an entirely floral shirt would be suitable for a smart occasion. A Reclaimed Vintage floral pocket square would also add a fun flash of floral to a plain summer jacket. I also rather like the ASOS floral trunks that I found while searching for underwear.

Floral prints or weaves work well on any garment for any gender and not all of them require the sartorial confidence of David Beckham in order to carry them off. It’s not just about ditsy print dresses or Hawaiian shirts these days. For more styling tips, check out Fashionising and Men’s Fashion Magazine.

First image via the Whistle & Wolf Facebook page. Second image via The Avenue.

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