Nicky Rockets’ “Killer Curves” T-Shirts

Nicky Rockets "Attack of the Killer Curves" t-shirtI love reviewing things here on Rarely Wears Lipstick, but it always has to be something that I think is worth reviewing. If I’m going to spend the time to wear/use something, take photos and write a blog post, it needs to be for a product that fits well with me and my blog. A week ago, I received a message on Facebook from a lovely blogger called Betty Pamper

My husband has designed a range of tee shirts featuring a plus size heroine Curverella (he got bored of me bitching that no pin ups looked like me) and I have just started doing the PR for his brand Nicky Rockets. I sent a tee shirt to the beautiful Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and she suggested you would also look amazing in one of our tees. I would love to send you one of our teeshirts to review.

Betty included a photo in the message and so I couldn’t help but click on the link to Nicky Rockets‘ website to see more. T-shirts in big sizes that feature a curvy alternative pin up? Yes please! I was rather excited by the slashed neck option – as I always have to do this myself anyway because the standard t-shirt crew neckline is not flattering on me – and I really like the comic-book-style designs. There is Invasion of the Killer Curves and Curverella and the Zombies in both round neck and slashed. I chose the Invasion design with the slashed neck and, based on the measurements on the site, went for the large size so that it would fit over my bottom. I’m pretty short (5′ 4″) and very short in the body, so most standard t-shirts cover my hips as well as my top half. Being a rather ‘pear’ shaped size 14/16 means that I can only go for clingy t-shirts if they’re short or very stretchy indeed.

Turns out this was definitely the right size though, as the Large size makes a rather fantastic minidress on me. I will probably team it with shorts, leggings or a pencil skirt for going outside though! If you want to see how the tees look on someone taller than me (5′ 7″ if I remember correctly), Georgina recently posted her her review with some rather gorgeous photos. The t-shirt sizes go from Small to XXXL and you can grab yourself one from the Nicky Rockets shop now for a mere 15. Well… what are you waiting for?

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a t-shirt free to review by Nicky Rockets.

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