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Image by Who Made Your PantsThis is the last of three giveaways in May here on Rarely Wears Lipstick, with prizes from the lovely people at Who Made Your Pants. Each week, I’m focusing on a different aspect of their fantastic business. This week’s theme: Design. It is extremely tricky to come up with the perfect pants design but, when I attended a WMYP open day back in 2012, I discovered that a wonderful DMU graduate kindly developed their first pants design with them for free.

Our pants are made for women, by women*. They’re not bedroom pants, seduction pants or hello boys (or girls) pants – they a a little bit of gorgeous, just for you, every day. These are the sorts of pants women buy for themselves, for their sisters, their friends – a gorgeous gift in itself but with the added, ‘look, by buying these I helped make jobs’ bonus.

Right now we make three styles for women: our gorgeous Aimee stretch lace shorts, Rosalind, a Brazilian styled higher cut ‘skimpier’ short, and Cecilia, our latest addition, a side seamed shortie style.

Every new recruit starts by working on the Aimee style and then moves onto the Rosalind style as they get more skilled and the onto Cecilia. We’re are working with a team who had never sewn pants before. It’s not like dressmaking at all, it’s more complicated, and so we’re teaching one thing at a time. We also have plans for more styles, when our team a ready for their next challenges.

Our pants are designed to fit beautifully by brilliant, internationally experienced designers Emma Kidd and Jane Main.

*Apart from the Man Pants, which are made by women, for men. But you know what we mean.

Image by Who Made Your PantsGIVEAWAY: This week, WMYP are giving away a pair of whichever style and colour of pants you like best from the WMYP online shop at the moment. To enter, you’ll need to be on Twitter. Follow @whomadeyour and look out for their tweet(s) with the hashtag #RWLgiveaway. Retweet any/all of them to enter. You can also follow @lipsticklori, look out for today’s tweet with the link to this blog post and retweet it. You have until 6pm on Friday 30th May to enter, when Becky at WMYP will select a winner at random from all the retweets. Good luck!

Images via Who Made Your Pants?

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