Giveaway: WMYP and sustainability

Image via Who Made Your PantsThis is the first of three giveaways in May here on Rarely Wears Lipstick, with prizes from the lovely people at Who Made Your Pants. Each week, I’m going to focus on a different aspect of their fantastic business. This week’s theme: Sustainability.

WMYP use fabrics that would otherwise be discarded by other lingerie manufacturers in order to make their gorgeous pants (on second hand sewing machines!), and all their fabric waste is sent off to be used to fill cushions. If you can think of a way to make an office, workroom, or the production of pants more sustainable, they’ve probably done it!

The fabrics we use are traditional synthetic lingerie fabrics (lycras, microfibres, laces, nets) left over from big underwear factories at the end of season – but in perfect condition. They come in a variety of depths, widths, colours and have varying levels of elastane. In Aimee shorts, the depth of lace and amount of elastane affect the fit and so we will tweak the patterns for each new fabric – or often make new ones up – to ensure our fit is consistent across all the fabrics we use. Oh, and all the pants are lined with a cotton jersey gusset, and again, this is reclaimed fabric too.

As the fabrics we use are reclaimed, we rarely know the exact breakdown of the fibre content – oftentimes we get no information on the fibres at all. Because of this, we label them all as ‘mixed fibres’. We do know that they tend to include polyamide, nylon, elastane, and occasionally viscose. Also, as the fabrics are reclaimed, when they are gone, they are gone. […] Finally, due to the way we source our fabrics, there may occasionally be slight shade or pattern differences from those pictured.

Henrietta "Glorious" from Who Made Your Pants?GIVEAWAY: This week, to fit with our theme, WMYP are giving away a pair of their Glorious Henrietta pants (see left) “as they show how sourcing from upcycled fabrics guides our design process.” To enter, you’ll need to be on Twitter. Follow @whomadeyour and look out for their tweet(s) with the hashtag #RWLgiveaway. Retweet any/all of them to enter. You can also follow @lipsticklori, look out for today’s tweet with the link to this blog post and retweet it. You have until 6pm on Friday 16th May to enter, when Becky at WMYP will select a winner at random from all the retweets. Good luck!

If Henrietta isn’t your style, check back next Monday when we’ll have another prize for you.

Images via Who Made Your Pants?

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