Style with Ethics: Who Made Your Pants?

Image via Who Made Your Pants?You may have been reading this blog since I first discovered Who Made Your Pants? and then visited them back in 2012. You may have seen my excitement about the comfy and flattering extra wide lace Aimee shorts that they made a couple of years ago. You may even have read my interview on their site recently about why I like them so much and love knowing who made my pants. Well, the time has come to spread the ethical pants joy in a new way, as May is WMYP giveaway month on Rarely Wears Lipstick!

In case you don’t already know, Who Made Your Pants? is a small brand based in Southampton. They strongly believe in great pants and great women, with their ethics leading them towards producing great underwear and worthwhile jobs. They explain it best themselves:

We think that every day should be a good pants day, and that there should be a little bit of gorgeous under everyone’s clothes, something just for them. So we buy fabrics that have been sold on by big underwear companies at the end of season, stop them ending up as waste and turn them into gorgeous new pants that have a great start in life. They’re designed to sit flat under clothes, have no VPL, and be comfortable and all day fabulous.

We also think that it’s not really on for anyone to be made to work in bad conditions just for a cheap pair of pants. Who could feel lovely in something made in a bad place? So we make our pants in a great place. We’ve a little factory in Southampton where we create jobs for women who’ve had a hard time. The first job everyone learns is making the pants. We hope that all jobs within the business can be filled by the women as they gain skills though – if someone is interested in marketing, or finance, we’ll arrange training. […] Finally, all profits we make go back into the business – our costs aren’t just about rent and fabric and wages, but about training and support and advice.

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing a post every Monday that tells you a bit more about another area of their fantastic business. At the end of each post will be instructions for a giveaway that you can enter on Twitter. Spread the word, and I hope you can join us here next week for the first prize.

Image via Who Made Your Pants?

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