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Jasmine Dusk. A cocktail in the Gilbert Scott Gin Garden. Photo by lipstickloriI’ve been throwing my opinions at the internet for quite some time now. Even if you don’t include the stuff I wrote before I got my own domain, or the inane hand coded HTML updates that were the very beginnings of my first site, I’ve still been at this blogging lark for 11 years. Not continuously, of course – everyone needs a break once in a while – but the breaks were always few and far between. The most notable was the 18 months preceding the first post you will find in the archives on Rarely Wears Lipstick, and I didn’t think I would ever lose my blogging mojo so severely again. Until now.

Inspiration for posts was thin on the ground in March, and I’m still struggling. Blogging feels like a chore and, more crucially, spending my time pondering what to write was becoming an avoidance technique. As you may have noticed, because I’ve mentioned it a few times on here, I’m currently studying for an MA part-time alongside a full-time job. That job has become a lot busier than it was when I first started the course and so now, right when I need to be concentrating on planning and executing research for my dissertation, I find myself severely lacking in focus. What I need to do is cut back, take stock, and regroup.

So, April will be a quiet month here. I’ve sent my lovely columnists off to put their feet up with a well deserved G&T and am determined to use this time wisely. It sounds so last decade to say this but, as of today, Rarely Wears Lipstick is officially on hiatus. I may be back in May if inspiration strikes but, in the meantime, you can still find me on Twitter. Take care, lovely people.

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