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Image by Vix VainThe lack of diversity in lingerie images and catwalk shows is a topic that has been discussed many times by many people. However, some of those people are actively looking at ways to change it. At the end of last year, Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly idly wondered if any of her brand’s fans would be interested in being on a catwalk and, to her surprise “about eleventybillion of you suddenly started saying yes”. So, with the dedicated Deadlies on board, Catherine started to look for a venue and formulate a plan…

We’re teaming up with House of Burlesque to bring you a jam packed evening at The Tabernacle, a beautiful theatre in Notting Hill, which I’m extremely pleased to say has a lift! These things are important to those of us struggling with stairs. It also has a cafe and bar, so you can basically turn up whenever you want. The main show will be a mixture of catwalk segments, some KMD silliness, and fabulous acts from the all singing, all dancing, sometimes magic, often comedic and frequently mildly obscene House of Burlesque team. PLUS there will be giftbags for everyone which will include a 15 gift voucher.

If you want to be on that stage with us, well, there are some important things to consider – especially that what we are looking for has nothing to do with conventional modelling! So I’ve written about it all here, and there’s an application form here. I know, an application form, terrifying, right? But we wanted to make sure everything was as organised and clear as possible.

I also wanted to give people an opportunity to meet the team rather than the spangly showgirls so, earlier on in the evening, you’re more than welcome to come and ask any question you want. I am not guaranteeing a useful answer and it comes with a bad language warning, but Jess is joining us and she is much nicer than me!

All this brilliant body positive stuff will take place on Friday 2nd May 2014 at the Tabernacle Theatre and a ticket will get you: a goodie bag, a seat for the catwalk show featuring 10 die-hard Kiss Me Deadly fans, plus diverse cabaret performances including acts from the House of Burlesque. Tickets are 15 and available now via Eventbrite (tickets for the Q&A session beforehand are also available for 5). You can find out more over on the Kiss Me Deadly blog.

I am extremely excited about this and will be reporting on the show for Rarely Wears Lipstick. Hope to see some of you there too!

Image by Vix Vain, via the Kiss Me Deadly Facebook page.

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