Big Swinging Ovaries

Jess De Wahls and artwork from her Big Swinging Ovaries exhibitionAt the weekend, I found out about Jess De Wahls and her upcoming art exhibition entitled ‘Big Swinging Ovaries’. I’m not entirely sure what I thought it would be from that title, but I was amazed once I found out more. Beginning on International Women’s Day and running for 11 days, the show will be exploring and incorporating art, feminism and recycling. Jess has developed a technique of creating unique pieces of art, using recycled clothes donated by friends, family and customers, to hand-sew relief portraits attached to a plywood backing. She calls it RETEX SCULPTING (short for REcycled TEXtile SCULPTING). The central message of the series of portraits created for this exhibition is to convey the importance of female role models in our current society and for future generations. As Time Out put it, “History is full of big swinging dicks making big decisions and big mistakes. Artist, stylist and feminist Jess de Wahls thinks it’s time to celebrate inspirational women”. Indeed it is!

Artwork by Jess De WahlsThe exhibition will be set in a pop-up space right around the corner from Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, so will be nice and easy for all you London-based folk to get to. Not only are the pieces in this show designed to get more people thinking and talking about feminism, half of the proceeds of each sold piece will go to a fab project called #techmums which is empowering women through technology. Of course, putting on an exhibition in central London isn’t cheap, so Jess is currently running a fundraising campaign via indiegogo to cover the costs associated with putting on this show. I recommend you watch the video. If you didn’t already love her from the description and images of her amazing artwork, you will definitely want to support her once you’ve watched this!

The exhibition runs from 8th to 18th March 2014 at 13 Whitcomb Street, London WC2H 7HA. You can find out more at

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