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eLai AW14 "Constellation" collectionI was very excited to see the first images of eLai’s new “Constellation” collection this week. When a brand starts out it can be tricky to find a signature style and get to know the target customer, but designer Eva Lai has just been going from strength to strength. Staying true to the eLai signature style – “edgy bold lines, fresh innovative designs with attention to details, a bit of kink and a scintilla of naughtiness which retains sophistication” – the AW14 collection takes a more casual and relaxed approach. Focusing on wearable basics with a touch of glamour, this collection perfectly combines comfort and sophistication. Lai says, “it is designed for women who desire something luxurious with sex appeal, yet comfortable and cosy for Autumn Winter. We are giving our customers contemporary looks, with pieces that can be mixed and matched easily”. Another thing that appeal to me is that all products are made here in Britain.
eLai AW14 "Constellation" collectionI love the relaxed glamour of this collection. For someone who is extremely fond of robes, it was exciting to see not one but two in the collection – a short robe with silver lurex, cozy black fleece and luxurious silk chiffon cuffs (pictured above), plus a longer dressing gown – both are hooded and reversible. The sci-fi inspiration that is hinted at with the name comes across in the shapes and fabrics used, but it’s the best kind of sci-fi. There are hints of Pris and Zhora from Blade Runner, and a glimpse of Princess Leia in Star Wars (and Return of the Jedi). But this is not the only inspiration, as the press release states:

“Constellation” has an empowering narrative that is heavily science- fiction themed, with a 90s Hip-Hop influence, by embracing “Sport-Luxe” and applying to intimate apparel preserving comfort and confidence. It has taken inspiration from masculine elements in male clothing, and twisting them into feminine lingerie and nightwear that makes women feel powerful and confident about their body. Introducing approachable lingerie and accessories to ease our customers into something a little more risqué. Using a luxurious winter colour palette of black, navy, silver and metallic for a futuristic yet elegant touch.

eLai AW14 "Constellation" collectionIf you want to see more of these amazing designs, there are additional images from the collection over on the Lingerie Stylist blog. In my opinion, this is eLai’s best and most wearable collection yet. It’s filled with glamorous pieces that look comfortable yet stylish, and it’s surely the perfect solution for cozy nights in once winter rolls around again. Rarely does practical look this stunning. As soon as I get my hands on something from this collection, I shall let you know how it feels and what it’s like to wear. If it’s anything like the Pylon body from eLai’s debut collection, it’ll be an absolute joy to wear! I have a lingerie photo shoot planned for next month, so will be able to let you all see what eLai lingerie looks like in the large size.

You may also be interested to know that, as it was the brand’s 1st birthday on Tuesday 21st January, they are having a birthday celebration sale with a new ‘product of the week’ announced each Tuesday. The feature product will be on sale with 50% off, and this week… it’s the Pylon body! Grab yours for just £30 before 3rd February. You won’t regret it.

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