Sticky balls, Sir?

Wax in the City, in Sandton City. Image via deshanta's Flickr photostreamNo, I don’t mean the rice variety at your local Thai or Chinese restaurant; I’m talking about testicles. Sticky testicles. And would you believe that there is nothing remotely sexual involved? Well, for me at least. Who am I? I’m a waxer. I wax both ladies and gentlemen and, yes, I wax those bits. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, I’m no longer a stereotypical dim blonde who has had to learn beauty therapy because that’s all I can do – which incidentally is rarely the case. The anatomy qualification you need for a proper massage course is pretty insane and not for the faint of heart! Sadly, to some, a pity worthy (or “Oh how handy! Could you do my nails? Do you do friend rates?”) career has become taboo. So I wanted to set a few things straight.

I have, as of yet, never been propositioned by a male client. This either means that I’m ugly/scary, or men are not as likely to want to get jiggy when you’ve got their jewels in one hand and a pot of wax next to your other hand. Go figure! It’s not about sex or sexuality. Most do it because they like the smoothness or their partner has, initially at least, told them if they expect lady parts to be hair free… guess what big boy? Quid pro quo! Some get legs and intimate areas waxed for practical reasons like sports – you ask a cyclist how much fun it is having hairy legs if you come of a bike both indoors and on the road. Then you have body builders who strive that perfect smooth sculpted look and just those who have worked out that intimate waxing is the easiest way to keep things hygienic and tidy.

One of my bugbears when it comes to male waxing is that some people think waxers do it because they’re a little perverted. I have news for them: we are business people. Many beauty parlours and spas refuse to treat men for waxing (and even other treatments), so providing a speciality service, which requires a lot of skill and training, is something that pays very well and most men become very loyal clients. They don’t check on deals sites for a 15 intimate wax because, if they are going to let someone apply hot wax to their scrotum, they want the best. And they are willing to pay for that skill. Male waxing is gaining popularity. Personally, I much prefer a trimmed or smooth scrotum on a man. To me it says ‘clean’ – no I have no desire to play find a sausage in a bush of icky hairs.

So chaps; find yourself a good waxer, and give it at least one go. Ladies; ditto. Yes, waxing hurts. But find a good waxer and I promise it will hurt less and be much quicker. And never let anyone use strip wax on your private areas. Just… don’t!

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger – Strip Queen is a professional waxer and would like to remain anonymous, thank you very much. Image via deshanta‘s Flickr photostream.

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