Stilettos and Champagne: New Year, new promises?

I spent most of my new year celebrations rocking with A-listers and rich people… OK you got me, it was a cup of tea and a DVD on the TV as everyone had a cold. But it gave me plenty of time to think about New Years Eves past. Almost like Girl Friends of Christmas Past, but more like a low budget version. Some have been spent single, others with ex-partners and obviously some with the now husband, they have ranged from fairly wild partying to this year’s rather low profile affair.

What fascinated me is that, looking back, the only new year’s resolutions I can recall are those I posted on Facebook (and then only by doing a search!) and not a single one lasted past January. Hundreds of pounds have been wasted in the past on gym memberships, electric torture belts which after the first week end up sat in a drawer and, on one memorable occasion, I think there was even a shopping spree of some very snazzy gym outfits, working on the principle that I might go if I had the right outfit. It doesn’t work for other things and I have no idea why I thought it would make me go to the gym – clearly this made sense at the time!

This year I was sat reading all the promises made public for all to see and frequently disbelieve openly, and I realised that everyone was waiting for me to chip in. “I’ll stop drinking for a month!” – yeah… that’ll happen! “I’ll go to the gym 3 times a week” – just as soon as they guarantee me that Dwayne Johnson will be there and he’ll fall madly in love with an overweight, tomato red, sweating thirty something. “I’ll get a bicycle and ride it every week” – Please… it’s not even like the pub is reachable by bike! “I’ll walk to places more” – see previous answer.

Motorbike, via Flannol's Flickr photostreamSo, this year my “resolutions” are: to blog more (Lori will be pleased!); ride my insane motorbike until my husband decides it’s too quick and gives me his chopper; and to go away as often as I can with my husband, without the kids. The latter is probably the most important (the bike is too, but she knows I love her really). We both work long hours, so evenings and weekends are focused on family things and it’s become increasingly easy to forget that, before we were mum and dad, we were people who would go to parties with half an hour’s warning. We would get in the car and just drive till we found a hotel and stay the night. We would send silly texts declaring our love (OK, I admit we still do that…). But, importantly, we did things both apart and together spontaneously.

Spontaneity takes a back seat when you have kids. All parents know this and we accept it as the norm, but this year I want to bring some back into our lives. It doesn’t have to be naughty things involving some tacky Ann Summers outfit. Yes it will involve a babysitter (which is why I’m now paying for her driving lessons!) but, other than that, I want to be able to just wave goodbye with my husband, best friend and romping buddy in order to escape for a night.

My advice for all this year? Be spontaneous. If an idea comes into your head then so long as it’s legal… DO IT! They say it’s better to have regrets about doing something than wishing you’d done it. I’m inclined to agree. So, on that note… I’m off to book the babysitter and a hotel, and place an order for some edible underwear… always handy if you get peckish whilst fooling around I find!

Happy New Year All!

This post was written by RWL columnist Stilettos and Champagne – Ever wondered about the secret lives of “the people next door”, “the mum in the supermarket”, “the executive ball buster at work” or even just “the ordinary looking woman walking down the high street”? Well… I’m one of those.

First image by lipsticklori. Second image via Flannol‘s Flickr photostream.

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