Rubyyy Jones’ Holiday Wish List: Part 2

A 'Save Rubyyy Jones' XmasHello darlings!

I’m very excited to be bringing you part two of my Lustyyy Holiday Wish list and this edition is all about the ways you can give and make people feel fabulous without spending any, or hardly any, money. Okay, so warning things are, well, may be a bit cheesy so if you’re a Grinch or Scrooge maybe this one isn’t for you… or maybe it’s the perfect one for you!

Most of you reading this will probably be flooded with presents over the holidays and I’m very happy that you’ll be revelling in gifts, however I know for some people the idea of gift giving can feel like a lot of stress. You want your present to be perfect, you want some little thing that you buy to say all those things that you wanna say and, sometimes, little things you can buy just don’t cut it. Here a few suggestions from me with love…

Photo by Rubyyy JonesThe Gift Of Music
Music is universal but it’s also very personal and sharing musical tastes and favourite songs is a great way of telling someone about you, or how you feel about them. It’s very nineties of me but I love a mix CD and I have always cherished CD mixes that I have received. I suggest really putting some thought into it what kind of atmosphere you want to create with this music – are you trying to tell your lover that you want to shag until New Years, or are you trying to tell your lover all the ways you sweetly love them? – but do have a bit of a plan about what you want the vibe of your compilation to be. Decorate your case accordingly! Make sure you go the extra mile, instead of just writing a list of track titles, create a small notebook or long lovely letter including all the reasons behind the songs; reveal something about yourself, be brave, and let the music speak for you.

The Gift Of Massage
I looove a good massage and there are few things I love more than being stroked, strummed and kneaded by a sweetheart, so it’s always high on my getting and giving wish list. I’m not suggesting that you buy a massage, obviously, as this is the DIY list, what I’m suggesting is treating your lover to a home massage and taking advantage of the intimacy of home and knowing each other. Definitely use a beautiful oil to coat your hands and your partners body – thrifty suggestion: olive oil with cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, to give you the slip and sweet smells without spending. Really pay attention to every bit of the skin and deeper flesh as when your partner goes to get a massage there are definitely some no-go spots for various reasons: sometimes thighs, tummy, breasts, ass and I would take advantage of your privacy and loving consent and touch of all of it. Let me tell you, nothing feels better than a breast massage and I’m not talking in a sexy way, I have big tits and the relief of those knots being pressed and kissed by fingertips is sublime. I also wanna say, with all due respect, if you choose to give a massage to your partner in this holiday season, do not go into the massage with any expectation of sex or reciprocation; it’s easy to get swept up in sensuality and, sure, things might flow more sensually the more you treat your lover but that’s not what this is about and that’s not what you promised to give.

Miss Cairo Mascara, photographed by Blue Squizz PhotographyThe Gift Of Me
Gifts give us a glimpse into the heart and mind of the gift giver and receiver but how about the chance for someone to look deep into your heart and mind and reallyyy have a look, to be allowed to ask questions, to hear stories and to peer into your vulnerability; that is a very precious gift indeed. I would suggest the gift of a day, give a whole day to your partner or your lover and let them know that it is their day to do with as they choose; I would plan a few activities for discovering and revealing more about you. Make some notes about each Christmas you remember and share a little moment from that holiday season! Take them on a walking tour of London or wherever you live and by choosing landmarks where you’ve loved, laughed or lost, see the sights and the soul. I am a fan of the Proust Questionnaire and I would suggest having a copy on hand, and then perhaps writing your own together under the duvet. Write a kinky version, a childhood version, a food version. When you are together a while it can be easy to lose your curiosity when it comes to your lover, delve deep, learn something new about each other and fall in love again! Play board games, be naked all day, turn off your phones and really give yourself for the day. In a world of rushing, pushing and being on guard, the gift of your focus, time and love is absolutely priceless and so easy to wrap!

I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season and encourage you to live it up, to be very merry and to love with all your heart! Love and Light xxx

This post was written by RWL columnist Rubyyy Jones – Rubyyy Jones is a performer, writer and producer, living and working in London. As a writer, Rubyyy’s ethos is of love, lust and light and she has been published internationally online and in print regarding sex, erotica, feminism and LGBTQ activism. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook. First two images by Rubyyy Jones. Image of Miss Cairo Mascara by Blue Squizz Photography.

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