Review: ‘Get the Massage’ gift set

'Get the Massage' gift setDecember is a time when the stresses of the year built up to gigantic proportions because, although you will probably be getting some time off work, chances are you won’t be able to use it to relax. Gifts need to be bought, food needs to be prepared, plans need to be made and all this will probably leave you even more in need of a bit of time with your feet up. If your partner is one of these people for whom Christmas is the most stressful time of the year, I have a suggestion for a little gift that you could get for them. It will involve a bit of effort on your part, but I think you’ll both find that it’s worth it.

The amusingly named Get the Massage gift set from the Swoon collection at Boots contains a bottle of massage oil and a heart-shaped massage candle, giving you two different massage options and fragrances to choose from when you pamper your lover. I have seen Swoon products in larger Boots stores already, with their pretty retro packaging, but haven’t taken a closer look until now, so was keen to review this and find out how good they are. The range was developed by TV presenter and actress Julie Peasgood who writes about sex and relationships for a number of UK publications – including the Sunday Mirror, Best, Woman, Bella and Men’s Health – and who’s latest book is entitled The Greatest Guide to Sex. This is a woman who knows her stuff… and her target market! The products in the range have been chosen by Julie to be couple-friendly and effective and are not marketed like any other affordable products I’ve seen that are designed for pleasure.

'Get the Massage' gift set from SwoonConsidering the size of the box I was sent to review, I was a bit disappointed to discover that the two products inside were not similarly big. However, the gift label on the top of the box does tell you exactly what’s inside, so I guess that’s not a massive problem. The contents are a heart-shaped tin containing 130g of Burning Desire massage candle, and 125ml of Massage in a Bottle sensual massage oil. I tried out the bottled massage oil first and was pleased to discover that is lightly scented with orange and vanilla and is 99% natural. I tried it on my hands and found that it gave enough of the glide that you need for massage, with none of the stickiness that often comes with massage oils. I’m guessing this is because it’s made from almost entirely natural ingredients. It seemed to be quite long lasting too, but I have to admit to not yet having tried a full back massage with a timer set! The label suggests it will “lift your spirits, relax your muscles and awaken your desire” and I think it could be right. Of course, the scent might not appeal to everyone, but my sample size of two agreed it was very pleasant indeed. Personally, I love anything that smells good enough to eat! The label also mentions – in text that could perhaps do with being a bit bigger, seeing as this is marketed as a sensual massage oil – that it is not suitable for use with latex condoms.

The candle is watermelon scented which, I have to admit, was something of a surprise. It also smelled quite strong in comparison to the massage oil. Thankfully, this was only the case in solid form as it filled the room with a rather lovely smell once lit. It comes with a small spoon to scoop out the molten wax for use. This is a bit like the small scoop you get with ice cream at the cinema or theatre, so it seems a bit weird to do, but you can also pour it straight from the tin as long as you are very careful. Once all of the candle has melted the tin will get quite hot, so I suspect the spoon is actually a rather sensible addition. The massage oil from the candle is pleasingly warm when applied to skin, but isn’t hot enough for any surprises – so it’s definitely better for a partner who doesn’t like the idea of having hot candle wax dripped on them. After all, it’s massage oil not wax. It’s also 97% natural.

Both products are non-greasy, easy to massage with and they will leave your skin feeling super soft. You could actually use either as a really decadent moisturiser if you are having a bit of well-earned ‘me time’. It’s also worth noting that, if you don’t want the fragrance lingering, they are also easy to wash off afterwards which is perhaps due to the natural ingredients. The ‘Get the Massage’ gift set is available from and larger Boots stores. If you can think of someone in your life who deserves a relaxing sensual massage for Christmas, add this to the list of gifts you’re getting them. I reckon it could lead to a very nice thank you!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a ‘Get the Massage’ gift set free to review by Boots.

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