[In]Tangible: Redressing Fashion

Illustration by Maria LimaAs regular readers of this blog will know, I am currently in my second year of a part-time Master’s course at London College of Fashion. Having completed five assignments and looking forward to starting my dissertation research in 2014, I am still immensely excited by this course and what I have gained from it. One of those things is a fascinating group of new friends.

This year, my enthusiastic MA History and Culture of Fashion course mates have resurrected the course blog and it’s already grown into an interesting collection of musings on a variety of different fashion-related subjects. The new editorial team have implimented a redesign, changed the name and have a selection of themed posts going live every month. From Teleica’s analysis of Rick Owens and the ABWs to Erin’s piece on how television helped to shape her style – via posts on punk, Thatcher and the f-word! – the gang are off to a blinding start. If you have an interest in the many ways in which the issues surrounding fashion-style-dress affect our lives, you should add [In]Tangible: Redressing Fashion to your reading list now.

Illustration of Princess Julia by Maria Lima for [In]Tangible: Redressing Fashion.

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