Rubyyy Jones’ Holiday Wish List: Part 1

Gift box, by Thana ThaweeskulchaiHello Darlings! It’s that time of year again… can you believe it? I’m still in Hallowe’en, dark, mysterious winter mode, I don’t want to emerge from my Thanksgiving-Samhain-Scorpio-Birthday cave. I’m not a big Christmas kinda girl, I find all the material pressure a bit much but anyone who knows me knows I love giving and getting gifts; few things are more satisfying than finding the perfect treasure for someone you treasure. So I thought I’d give you a sexy leg up in the gift hunting department with some products and ideas I love (rated Lusty to Lustiest!), I present my “Lustyyy Holiday Wish List” a collection of gems for your mind, body and soul.

Down and Dirty:69 Super Sexy Short-ShortsSAUCY ADDITIONS TO YOUR LIBRARY

Full disclosure that I happily work with Cleis Press, who regularly send me an amazing selection of books: erotica, books on sex, sexuality and sex writing for me to indulge in and, if I choose, to share with you. To jingle your bells I’ve chosen several books I really enjoyed this year.

Down And Dirty: 69 Super Sexy Short-Shorts
Edited by Alison Tyler, Forward by Cheyenne Blue

I have been reading and writing a lot of erotica over the years but my transition to reviewing erotica made things very complicated: so much bad erotic writing killed my literary lust! I literally, for six months, could not pick up a collection or novel. Zing! Enter some down and dirty mojo in this raunchy edition. I really like this collection’s format, stories are salaciously sweet with diverse and hard content, and each piece is only a few pages long; there are indeed sixty-nine stories, so you’re bound to find a handful of tales that will roast your chestnuts. I also like that in this form, these snippets can be more fuel for your fire, if you struggle coming up your own fantasies, these micro morsels can give you a hot place to begin, as well as finish.
* A ‘Lustier’ option

Best Sex Writing 2013: The State of Today's Sexual CultureThe Big Book Of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint
Edited by Alison Tyler

The Madame of BDSM erotica, Alison Tyler, brings us a fabulous selection of bound beauty, strong surrender and lovely leather; two dozen chronicles exploring giving up, giving in, pain and pleasure. A deliciously diverse collection, the writers explore power, play and paraphernalia in all kinds of partnerships; though I wouldn’t have minded some more LGBTQ fun. BDSM stands for six things, not four: bondage, dominance, discipline, submission, sadism and masochism and this medley of stories have flavours and feasts of all these elements. This would be a good choice for someone interested in exploring this kink as you can quickly get a taste of many different facets and fantasies.
* Also, a ‘Lustier’ option!

Best Sex Writing 2013: The State Of Today’s Sexual Culture
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Forward by Carol Queen, PhD

For those who have an erogenous zone nestled deep between their ears, this is a collection of essays on individual sexuality and sexual culture, covering a wide range of topics: polyamory, sex and the elderly, BDSM, toys and more. A fascinating blend of personal accounts, sex education and our sexy society in review, this anthology has a great balance of sobering and warming content; a perfect, powerful gift for anyone interested in, working within or craving knowledge about sex and spirit.
* A ‘Lusty’ option


LELO Smart Wand Large
I have written sonnets about the Hitachi Magic Wand, have travelled far and slain dragons for my UK wattage-friendly equivalent lover but I have finally found my clitoral stimulation soulmate: the sleek, soft, multi-speed, cordless, curved beauty that is the LELO Smart Wand. I was gifted this beauty by my Best Boyfriend Ever on a shopping spree in The Pleasure Chest in LA and, for me, it’s perfect. Several different speeds/levels of intensity and eight types of vibration, something for everyone! I love the smooth silicone finish and the ergonomics of the curved handle is the icing on the cake, there’s a medium sized one as well for those who something a bit smaller. I am in love.
* A ‘Lustiest’ option but okay for clit beginners too!

Sliquid Organics
I’ve tried many lubes and, to be honest, I like to mix it up depending on the play, time of the month and whether condoms are or aren’t involved but I’ve definitely found a new favourite in Sliquid. There are many different types, I’ve enjoyed the water based ‘Natural’ and ‘Natural Gel’, the gel being better for more intense or longer fun-times; all products are glycerin and paraben free, hypoallergenic and and 100% vegan friendly. Healthy is sexy!
* A ‘Lusty’ option, a perfect stocking stuffer.

Cushions from cuddlycock.comGOOD DIRTYYY FUN

Cuddly Cock And Pussy Cushions
A sexy and soft innovation from designer Dawid Bo, you can keep cosy this winter by cuddling up with a cuddly cock or pussy cushion; pussy’s come trimmed or untrimmed and these cocks are never hard. These little delights come in fun, friendly colours with the screen print of your choice on one side and a graphic, sweet print on the other and for someone who has everything, there’s even a cock draught excluder; did someone say secret Santa?
* A ‘Lustier’ option!

2014 All Nude Cabaret All Star Charity Calendar
What’s in a name? Everything in this case! Produced by The Double R Club cabaret producers Rose Thorne and Benjamin Louche and photographed by the sharp and twisted, Sin Bozkurt, this is a great way to support Cancer Research and Macmillan while also enjoying the dazzling, devious and dashing stars, starlettes and queers of this haunted and provocative cabaret.
* A ‘Lustiest’ option, cause giving to others is the sexiest!

This has been Part 1 of my Lustyyy Holiday Wish List, this one covers all the things you can buy your loved and lusted ones and my next post will be cost-free ideas, experiences and expressions for a sweet and saucy holiday season.

Love, Lust And Light xxx

This post was written by RWL columnist Rubyyy Jones – Rubyyy Jones is a performer, writer and producer, living and working in London. As a writer, Rubyyy’s ethos is of love, lust and light and she has been published internationally online and in print regarding sex, erotica, feminism and LGBTQ activism. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook. Images via Thana Thaweeskulchai‘s Flickr photostream, Cleis Press, LELO and

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