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The Roustabouts, creators of The Katzenjammer Club. Photo by Willie NashIf, like me, you came out of the video room at the V&A’s Club to Catwalk exhibition and wondered why there’s nothing like that in London any more, I have got some rather exciting news for you! If you’re a fan of the antics of icons like David Bowie, Klaus Nomi or Leigh Bowery, then you might want to check out the music theatrics and fashion of London’s newest nightclub cabaret. Hosted by dapper DJ duo The Roustabouts, The Katzenjammer Club is descried as “NYC Block Party Meets London Avant-Garde. A passionate celebration that mixes mesmerising avant-garde performances from international artists with fashion forward aesthetics and unforgettable music, where timeless idols meet the vanguard.” If ordinary clubbing lacks the creative edge you seek, and cabaret nights fail to deliver anything that meets your need to dance the night away, it sounds this could be the place for you.

Am Static latex fashion show at The Katzenjammer Club. Photo by Hyder ImagesThe line up for their next event on Saturday 16th November includes the fabulous Desmond O’Connor along with Marcus Reeves, Marnie Scarlet and Florian Brooks. The delightfully dark Dusty Limits and Aurora Galore are on the bill for future weeks. I spoke to one half of The Roustabouts, Anna Krohnistic, who told me more about their new venture:

After a year of running The Burning Beat (which is currently on hiatus until we find the perfect venue) we decided that we wanted to do something completely different, focusing on a different area of our many inspirations. The Katzenjammer Club is inspired by the New York scene of the 80s, the cool Blitz Kids of London; it aims to capture both the nostalgic and the modern, which is reflected in the music we play and the performers we work with.

Our new mix of cabaret, performance art, fashion and music seemed to appeal to others as much as it does to us, as our launch party was packed full of wonderful people (as you can see from the video!). We are putting everything into The Katzenjammer Club to make it bigger and better, which is quite a feat for two DJs!

The video Anna mentions can be viewed on Vimeo. If you like what you see, The Katzenjammer Club takes place every Saturday from 7pm at Apartment 58. Tickets are available in advance via Eventbrite.

Photos by Willie Nash and Hyder Images, via The Katzenjammer Club Facebook page.

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