The A-to-Z of Accessories: Luggage

You might not think of luggage as an accessory, as it’s often more of a practicality, but it can still compliment an outfit or say something about you if it’s carefully chosen. We don’t always have the option to go for practical and stylish though, as budget considerations and time constraints often play a part, so it’s best to look for a new suitcase in the sale when you don’t need it right away! Then you might find something like the large scarlet Tripp wheeled suitcase from Debenhams, which currently has 36% off.

If you’re after a practical suitcase for a long trip, well known brands like Antler, Samsonite and Carlton are always first on your list whether you know it or not. They’re stocked in so many places that you, or someone in your family, has probably owned at least one suitcase by one of those brands in your lifetime. They’ve stood the test of time because they produce a range of different products to suit different needs and budgets. However, if you want to simply buy one suitcase and never have to change it ever again, perhaps you should go for something that’s guaranteed for life from Briggs & Riley?

Those of you who are keen on the modern hard shiny four-wheeled suitcases will probably like Rimowa and Victorinox but, if you’re after something a bit more quirky, check out SuitSuit. If you like more traditional looking leather luggage, look to Aspinal of London for your suitcases, Tusting or Pickett for a fantastic holdall. Or, if you don’t mind packing light (or have strong arms!) you could check out places like Scaramanga for an authentic vintage suitcase. Steamline Luggage do a good wheeled look-a-like, but beware that wheeled leather suitcases with a vintage look are often handmade and frightfully expensive. Oh well, I can dream… and add a Williams Handmade trunk to my fantasy wishlist while I’m at it too.

Image via the Antler blog.

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