Review: Wonderbra ‘Dots Chic’

A few weeks ago, when I was at the Littlewoods lingerie bloggers event, I fell in love with a gorgeous new lingerie set from Wonderbra. Part of their Glamour collection, the Dots Chic set has a balcony bra and (rather unusually for this brand) high-waisted knickers in black with my favourite pattern… polkadots! In addition to the Dots Chic, there is also a striped set called Linear Structure and a sporty set called Make Up. Both are stunning but I’m a sucker for big pants, and the Dots Chic was the only set that came with them. So, when I was offered any Wonderbra set to review, it simply had to be this one.

The bra comes in a 32-38 band size and A-DD cup size, so I requested a 34DD. Having tried my usual size of 32E in their Ultimate Strapless Bra and finding the band rather too tight for me, I figured this would be comfortable rather than a compromise. Both styles of briefs that come with the Dots Chic – high-waisted and tanga – are available in S, M and L, so I went for the large and hoped that they would accommodate my UK size 14/16 bottom. The set arrived last week and the first impression certainly did not disappoint. The bra is styled like a bralet, so the underwiring is completely hidden from view, and the stretch fabrics used are silky and soft to the touch. It has has extremely lightweight padding at the bottom of the cups, a soft covering on the inside of the underwires, reasonably thick straps for a fashion bra and double hook-and-eye closures at the back. The slightly sparkly sheer fabric at the top of the bra cups is also used (unlined) on the sides and back of the knickers, and the polkadots are a very pretty silver. The suspender straps are detachable.

I was very impressed with the fit of the Dots Chic set. The bra was snug yet comfortable on the band and, although the straps were not fully adjustable, they seemed to be the right length for me when I shortened them as far as they would go. The padding gave a subtle uplift and the bralet styling was very pretty indeed, giving a more vintage look than most balcony bras. The knickers were wonderfully comfortable and, I have to say, I think they actually look better on me than they do on the model. They’re definitely cut for those of us with hips and bums! The suspender straps are disappointingly thin and flimsy, so they probably wouldn’t hold up to all day stocking wearing. There are also only four of them, so you couldn’t keep your seams straight with them either. However, they’re a nice addition for posing and easily removed if you don’t want them.

I wore the set all day (without the suspender straps) and found it extremely comfortable. The elastic on the knickers didn’t dig in, and the bra didn’t rub or chafe. Sadly though, the bra straps started to loosen themselves towards the end of the day and so kept sliding off my shoulders, but I think a couple of little stitches to hold them in place should stop that from happening again. It’s a shame that Wonderbra didn’t think to make the straps fully adjustable for shorties like me (I snapped a photo of how much you could adjust them), as the front section of the strap is made of exactly the same elastic as the back! Despite this tiny annoyance, I think this set is a fantastic vintage-inspired addition to the Wonderbra range and would definitely recommend it. The Dots Chic balcony bra, high waisted briefs and tanga briefs are available now.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a Dots Chic bra and high-waisted briefs, free to review by Wonderbra.

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