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As I head towards the age of 40, I have noticed that my skin has started to change. Not with the addition of lots of lines and wrinkles yet, thankfully, but with a lack of firmness. It’s like someone is slowly turning off the light that illuminated my skin. As smiles and well-applied make up can only do so much, I have been thinking more and more about changing the skincare products I use. Sadly, every sample size anti-ageing cream that I have tried has resulted in disaster. Either they were so greasy that I ended up getting spots – teenage skin was not the youthful look I’d had in mind! – or they were so harsh that they brought my sensitive skin out in a rash. This is why I was intrigued when, earlier this year, I was invited to trial a new anti-ageing range from Green People, who specialise in certified organic body care products. They sent me their Age Defy+ range and I used the products for six weeks, before providing feedback, and I am pleased that I did. My skin loves me for it!

I found the Green People Age Defy+ range of skincare products a real pleasure to use. None of them irritated my usually very sensitive skin, and they were much lighter than other anti-ageing products I have tred. My skin felt light and fresh, as opposed to heavy and sticky, even after using a number of products together. My favourites were the Hydrate & Renew Serum used under the 24 Hour Brightening lotion. On a clean face, they somehow combined to leave my skin feeling taught yet moisturised, with a youthful glow. I am also a fan of the Exfoliating Body Crème, which left my dry elbows soft and smooth, while my upper arms definitely benefited from using the Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion, which melted into my skin perfectly with no greasiness. If you think you’ve lost your youthful glow, I’d definitely recommend trying this range.

In fact, you should probably check out their entire site! They have a massive selection of facial skincare, body lotions and washes, sun creams, make up, and hair care/styling. All products are made from over 90% active natural and organic ingredients, and there are plenty of fragrance free options for those with really sensitive skin. I wasn’t sent Green People products in exchange for a review on this blog, but I loved them so much that I had to tell you about them and I’m now wondering what to try next. Thank goodness they do trial sizes too!

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