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As you may have noticed from a review I posted earlier this year, I have only recently discovered the large cup lingerie brand Curvy Kate and, following my initial encounter, have somewhat fallen in love with them. Treating ‘curvy’ as a shape rather than a size, this British brand aims to “make curvy girls feel fabulous about their figure” by offering a rather gorgeous collection of D-K cup lingerie designed specifically for the fuller bust. Curvy Kate make sure every garment is tried and tested on naturally fuller busted women, with only the best fitting designs making into their collections once their wide range of fit models are happy. They listen to customer feedback to improve the fit of their bras too, so this is clearly a brand that understands their target market! I was lucky enough to be offered a set to review at the lingerie bloggers event I attended recently and, because I currently don’t have an everyday bra that I can wear with pale coloured tops, I chose the Daily Boost bra and shorts in white. The bra is foam lined for shape and comfort, but the cups are of a three-piece construction rather than moulded. The so-called ‘shorts’ are actually more like bikini briefs and are made from silky soft microfibre. Both are white with a peach coloured edging and simple flat bows for a tiny bit of detailing. Designed for daily wear (hence the name), this bra is definitely going for the feel good factor rather than visual impact.

I tried on the bra in the size I usually buy, and then the lovely PR team of Hannah Houston and Himare Peterkin had a look at the fit to see whether that size was indeed right for me in Curvy Kate’s bras. They fit by eye like Bravissimo do (which was where I discovered I was a 32E), so the true size is deduced by working out what’s wrong with a bra’s fit rather than by using a tape measure. Hannah reckoned that the band was a tiny bit loose on me, but not enough to warrant going down a size, so I just need to make sure I fasten it on a tighter hook after a it’s gone through the wash a few times. The cups were pretty much perfect, and all that was needed was a slight adjustment to the strap on my larger side. Apparently it’s common for the breast on the non-dominant side to be larger as the muscles surrounding it are not worked in the same way! Lengthening the strap on that side means the cup won’t dig in and you’ll look more evenly balanced. So, this was definitely the correct size for me. They didn’t have any of the briefs available at the time though, so I requested a size 18 (due to the 16 I had tried before being a little bit snug on the elastic) and waited for those to arrive in the post.

Of course, in the meantime, I wore my Daily Boost bra to see if it was as comfortable as it was gorgeous. The construction of the cups gives a different shape than the balloon-like roundedness of a moulded bra, but this is in no way a bad thing. The stitching doesn’t show through my clothes and the smooth fullness it provides means that I really did seem to get a boost under every outfit I chose. The contrast edging did show a tiny bit through a very thin white H&M blouse I wore it under one day, but I think it was really only me who noticed that. I wore this bra for several long days – work and then out in the evening afterwards – and pretty much forgot I was wearing it. That’s very rare for a new bra! The fit and comfort are pretty damn great for the Daily Boost, which makes it the perfect everyday bra. Curvy Kate are passionate about fit and so, if you aren’t as lucky as I was to have Hannah and Himare advising on the right size to buy, check out this helpful video that shows you what to look out for.

I really can’t put enough emphasis on just how comfy this bra is. Normally, I can be pretty desperate to take my bra off after a long day, but I’ve been wearing my Daily Boost for 16 hour days and haven’t really noticed I was wearing it. No pinching, chafing, rubbing or dreaded ‘underwire ache’ by bed time, just an amazing shape. My briefs arrived and they were a perfect fit too – so soft and comfortable. I’d definitely recommend going up a size to what you might normally take in clothing, as the smooth lines and comfort were well worth it. In summary: if you have D-K cup boobs and a size 8-22 bottom, you need this set in your life. At least one! The Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra (£26) and briefs (£10) – in white, mocha or black – are available from Figleaves.

DISCLOSURE: I was given a Daily Boost bra and briefs, free to review by Curvy Kate.

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  1. Oh that’s interesting, my “fuller” side is my dominant side. These bras sound so nice, I might try one when I’m next in the market. Right now I need pyjama trousers, do you have any recommendations?

    1. I’m not a massive expert on nightwear (perhaps I should research a post on it and change that?), but I’ve always found Debenhams to have a good selection.

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