The A-to-Z of Accessories: Hats

My wedding-themed week seemed like the perfect time to restart my A-to-Z of Accessories, because we’re up to H… for hats! Classic wedding guest attire, and an essential for the mother of the bride, hats are now something for her daughter to consider too. As the traditional veil has fallen out of favour, many brides look to alternative headgear to complete their wedding day outfit.

Hats and fascinators are an often overlooked accessory, because they often seem a little too formal for our 21st century lives, which is probably why they come into their own at weddings. If it’s you who’s getting hitched, adding a stylish hat to your outfit is a sure fire way to make your look unique. If you’re a guest, it can be a great excuse to splash out on an unusual accessory. Janine Basil’s vintage style half hat with veiling fits any size head and would be a beautiful accompaniment to a stylish wedding outfit. If you’re worried that all your guests will be stealing your thunder with hats like that, the bride who demands to be centre of attention should perhaps look to GG’s Pin Up Couture for something with ultimate wow factor.

For a formal wedding, a pillbox hat or something with feathers could work perfectly. For a more relaxed summer setting, how about a classic straw hat with some fake flowers or ribbon added in a colour that matches your outfit? Debenhams have a gorgeous mini pillbox hat by Stephen Jones in their sale at the moment (and another with veiling), so there are stylish bargains to be had on the high street. Sadly, many men only wear hats in winter these days, or perhaps as sportswear. But a hat is not just a form of protection from the elements. They can make a dramatic style statement too. Try donning a trilby, pork pie hat or fedora and seeing how a smart-casual look suddenly becomes more dapper. For the summer, you can’t go wrong with a panama hat. If you need something more formal, don’t dismiss the classic bowler or top hat, and for a more quirky look you could try a fez… but perhaps that would only work at a Doctor Who themed wedding!

Image by Candee Photography.

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