Unwind at The Summer House Weekend

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from it all for the weekend to a beautiful setting where you can spend time with good friends and meet new ones? Somewhere where you can feel liberated and free to explore new ideas with open-minded people? A place where you can learn a little, play a little and party a little? And all with good food and home comforts, without the noise, mess and long walks of summer festivals?

If you’ve ever wondered if such a place exists, you’re invited to The Summer House, which is coming up the weekend of 16th to 18th August 2013 at a private country house less than an hour outside London. I started the event last year to celebrate my birthday and the birthdays of several close friends; over the course of one sun-drenched weekend, numerous friendships were forged and some guests even described it as “life changing”. This year we have 14 fellow Leos cutting the birthday cake with us, but of course The Summer House is open to guests from all over the zodiac (as well as all those who don’t believe in astrology!)

As the producer of the White Mischief dressup and cabaret parties, and one of the founding team behind Kinky Salon London, I’m experienced at creating one-off events. But for a while I’ve felt that people want the opportunity to connect over a longer period of time without the pressure of a one-night party.

That’s why, drawing inspiration from participatory communities like Burning Man, The Summer House is about community building rather than spectating. We offer lots of opportunities for people to interact, whether it’s in a workshop, a speed meeting session, sitting round the campfire or dining together. We do have performances, DJs and music throughout the weekend but there’s no main stage. It’s much more about creating those rare, magical moments of intimacy that happen when you’re deep in conversation or swimming around in a lake or hot tub.

Over 140 people pledged in a campaign on Indiegogo to make The Summer House Weekend possible, and I’m massively grateful for that show of support. Since the end of the crowdfunding we’ve been selling a limited number of tickets via our website, but if you’re interested in coming please act soon as it’s nearly sold out. The capacity is kept deliberately low, so that even if it rains there’s enough room in the House and other indoor spaces for everyone.

This is not an exclusive event: as long as you find your way here and agree to our code of conduct (eight core values including respect, consent and safety), all are welcomed. Inclusivity is an ongoing mission, so if you are interested but are wondering whether we can meet your particular needs, please get in touch. We have a limited number of low income tickets remaining for people who are in financial difficulties and might not otherwise be able to attend.

This post was written by a RWL Guest BloggerTobias Fauntleroy Slater is the producer of London-based dressup/cabaret party White Mischief and part of the founding team that brought Kinky Salon from the USA to London. A musician and songwriter, he likes vintage music and vintage clothes. When not curating magical events he likes exploring theme parks and riding rollercoasters. He can be found on Twitter at @white_mischief

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