The pleasure of antici… pation

In twenty-first century society, instant gratification is becoming more and more commonplace. We hear a song and we can download it straight away, fashion in magazines can be bought online with a few clicks… but what about sex? Do today’s women really want it big, hard and now, or is there a hidden pleasure in waiting? The question about whether or not to have sex on a first date is probably as old as I am. However, the reasons behind it aren’t always wholesome. Holding off because someone will think badly of you otherwise is a rather stupid thing to do. Come on, if they don’t like you, it’s their loss, surely? But, holding off because the anticipation itself is hot, now there’s something worth doing!

The excitement of pleasurable expectation is a wonderful thing and can really add something special to your sex life. Whether you are intentionally holding back or are simply frustrated at the lack of possible date slots in both of your very busy diaries, a little bit of waiting certainly can fire up the libido. Just think about how great it’ll feel when you can finally pounce. Remember the thrill of waiting when you were a teenager? The days that passed before each date, and the hours of foreplay? That tingling feeling seemed to go on forever because you were too scared to ask for exactly what you wanted and, to be honest, didn’t really know what you wanted just yet. Why not recreate that by extending the flirting and kissing a bit more, just to see what it’s like?

Anticipation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes we have to learn to enjoy it. Long-distance relationships, busy diaries and tiring lives mean that sex can’t always happen exactly when you want it to. Instead, why not make a point of trying to enjoy the build up? After all, good things come to those who wait.

This article first appeared on BitchBuzz in 2011. Image via BrookelGarro‘s Flickr photostream.

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