Classic Trends: Nautical style

There is one trend that you can always guarantee to find come summer time, and that’s the nautical look. Whether or not it’s caught the eye of anyone who is inspired by the catwalk, you can always be sure to find something ship-shape in shops aimed at the more mature lady. But, when it’s current, how do the rest of us carry it off without looking frumpy or ridiculous?

First of all, you’ll need your nautical checklist. Navy, red, white, stripes, anchors, gold buttons and boat shoes will all be on it. Never ever wear all of these at once, unless you’re off to a fancy dress party. Seriously, that head-to-toe sailor girl look might be super-cute but you’ll probably need to tone it down a tad unless you’re off to a themed event or a pin-up photoshoot.

For a good day-time look, go for navy and white clothes with red accessories, keeping the sea-themed accents to a minimum. A blue/white striped t-shirt teamed with shorts and red boat shoes isn’t too overt, or perhaps try a white shirt, navy skirt and nautical jewellery. Tatty Devine’s beautiful anchor necklace comes in three colours and adds a modern touch to a classic outfit. Check out River Island’s Rexton boat shoes too – a classic style that is timeless.

For those who are a little braver, why not channel your inner pin-up with some 50s-style sailor girl chic? Tara Starlet’s sailor shorts are beautifully flattering and their nautical edge can always be toned down with different accessories, which makes them quite classic. For even more oomph, Miss Fortune’s Nautical Nancy skirt and top need no accessorising for real sea-faring glamour.

However, for the perfect splash of nautical style without overdoing it, keep a look out for a dress that ticks a few of the items off your list without leaving you looking like you’re performing in a seaside show. Lauren by Ralph Lauren’s striped boat neck dress is in the sale and has the colours and the horizontal stripes, and The Rodnik Band’s anchor print skirt on ASOS (also in the sale) has a cute print and a classic go-with-anything monochrome style. Trust me, there really is something nautical out there to suit everyone.

Just to prove this trend is here to stay, a version of this article first appeared on BitchBuzz in 2011. Images via Tatty Devine and Stop Traffic Clothing.

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