My week as an ‘Agony Aunt’

The lovely Karen and Pete have been running a “glorious festival of style” on their blog Uborka over the last week, and they very kindly asked me to be one of their advice givers. My specialist subjects were sex, relationships and fashion, and I waited with interest to see what questions people would ask me. The ones I answered were on the following topics:

  1. Make up advice for rosacea
  2. Advice for a one track mind
  3. Can porn be ethical?
  4. Find me a blue mascara!
  5. Developing a positive body image

Hopefully my answers were interesting and/or helpful. (N.B. Questions were also asked of Mike and K, and their answers were very interesting indeed.) I’m now pondering doing something similar on my blog for a week. Would you be interested in having a panel of experts to ask questions of? If so, what sort of specialist subjects would it be useful for them to have? Pop your feedback in the comments box and I’ll get my planning hat on.

Image via Laughlin Elkind‘s Flickr photostream.

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