Clearing out my burlesque closet

Over the last four years, I have accumulated rather a lot of clothing and accessories that I no longer have a use for. When will I wear nipple pasties that look like Christmas presents? Or a mirrored bra*? Or a corset that has matching satin frilly knickers? Yes, now that Miss Lolly Pops has retired, I’m afraid her wardrobe is rather getting in my way.

There’s a custom made red silk corset that no longer fits, a front fastening bra that I spent hours adding satin and fringing to, a vintage bikini, a couple of wigs, some pasties, and a whole load of barely worn and very carefully looked after lingerie sets. I donated the wedding dress I got off eBay to an AgeUK shop, sold some stuff to a Camden boutique and many of my bulky props were ditched when I moved house, but there are still plenty of fun bits and pieces that I would love to find a new home for. If you’re new to burlesque, this could be a good way to pick up a few bits to help get you started. Or it could just be a great way to nab a couple of key items for a Lady Gaga fancy dress costume that doesn’t involve meat.

If you want to take a look at what I’m selling from Lolly Pops’ closet, make sure you like the Rarely Wears Lipstick Facebook page as I’ll be posting photos and descriptions there soon. I may be able to sort something out if any Londoners want to try things on before parting with their cash, as Clarabelle and I have been discussing booking a room for a vintage sale and jumble. Watch this space.

*Actually… perhaps I could wear that to the next body-positive pop-tastic Dancing on My Own.

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  1. The photos are up on the Rarely Wears Lipstick Facebook page now. Leave a comment on the pic of any items you’re interested in.

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