The future of foreplay?

According to some fun-loving folk at Durex Australia, the future of foreplay could be in smart phones and the internet. Sounds entirely plausible, but how on earth have they managed to take technology past the video call? Two words: wearable electronics. Following months of development, Durex have revealed the world’s first sensory underwear, called Fundawear, which allows a lover’s touch to be transferred from a smartphone app to a unique set of underwear.

Fundawear is a prototype technology that allows physical touch to be transferred wirelessly between couples and recreated on their skin. It sends each touch from one smartphone to another
and from there to mini sensors inside the Fundawear garments, so couples can tease, tickle and
tantalise – even when they are apart. Fundawear brings long-distance lovers closer together, and can also tailor the intensity of their touch to their partners’ preference. Check out this entertaining YouTube video on the project.

This is just an experiment so far, with no plans for production, but it does get you thinking. Fundawear wouldn’t only be helpful for people in long distance relationships, as it could also be useful for couples who have forgotten how important foreplay is. Mind you, why people insist on labelling anything that doesn’t involve penetration ‘foreplay’ is a mystery to me. After all, sex shouldn’t just be about penetration. As sex educator Justin Hancock points out, “non-entry can be as good or even better than entry sex because it requires people to use their imagination and to communicate about what kind of sex they like. Also some people don’t enjoy sex as much if it just involves genital on genital action.” Being able to touch your partner without using your hands could lead to a whole new way to have sex. The press release for Fundawear elaborates on this:

Taking ‘sexting’ to a whole new level, the technology behind Fundawear is a world-first, resulting in a practical tool that can be used to keep intimacy alive between couples working unsociable hours, in long distance relationships, or even just for fun in the same room.

Fundawear combines existing and new technologies to create a brand new way of transferring touch wirelessly over vast distances. Fundawear takes touch input from one partner via their touch screen smartphone and sends these signals across the Internet via a special real-time server to their partner’s touch screen device. From here it is transferred to the Fundawear garment where the touch sensation is recreated on the skin. This all happens in a split second so the experience is very natural.

For more information, checkout the Durex Australia’s Facebook Page. If a company that are famous for selling condoms are also well aware that there’s more to sex than penetration, surely the rest of us have no excuse whatsoever?

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