RWL Awards Sponsor… Pants to Poverty

In the last of my posts surrounding the Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards, let me take some time to introduce you to the other wonderful brand who featured in the winners goodie bags on the night – the fashionable and ethical Pants to Poverty.

Since 2005, Pants to Poverty have been making and selling gorgeous and affordable cotton pants. Together with all of the members of their value chain community, they are working hard to show how fashion can change the world. They work with the Chetna Organic farmer company to get the cotton for their pants, which are made in a carbon neutral production facility that pays a living wage to all of the workers in the factory. In addition to this, over the next year the production company aim to install a new dying unit which will reduce the water consumption per pair of pants from approximately 100 litres per KG of fabric to less than half a pint!

Today, nearly 5 years after we were born, our pants sell in over 20 countries around the world, support over 5000 farmers in India and within a week of launching our first campaign, we made one of the world’s most powerful companies pull a killer pesticide off the market! The power really does lie in our pants!

We’ve got a very English name. In England, in case you didn’t know, Pants are not trousers, but they are underwear. However, more than that, if something is pants, then that means it’s terrible! So, “Pants to Poverty” means Poverty is terrible, as well as saying that they are fairtrade and organic underpants! We all need pants and so we aim to provide pants for all people, in a way that supports, rather than destroys, all of the wonderful people that make them!

We are a brand that you can truly believe in, and with your support, we’ll be able to reach out and support even more people… from Africa, Asia and even the Americas. We would be totally unable to do this without the incredible support of our network of many thousands of consumers and hundreds of independent retail shops around the world, and especially, our incredibly dedicated staff and supporters.

Pants to Poverty very kindly donated some of their cotton trunks and fly-front pants to the Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards boy-shaped winners and performers. I asked them to sponsor the awards because I love their fantastic ethical approach and their simply styled bright coloured underwear. They produce pants, vests, shorts, pyjama bottoms and hooded tops in gender neutral comfortable styles. I hope you pop over to their website to check out their wonderful pants and give them the love they deserve!

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