RWL Awards Sponsor… Playful Promises

The first ever Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards were handed out on Friday night and so, while I spend a bit of time sorting out my write up of the evening and getting my mitts on a few photos, let me introduce you to the wonderful brands who featured in the winners goodie bags on the night. First up is the London-based lingerie brand, Playful Promises.

Mixing directional design, gorgeous prints and a bit of retro styling, Playful Promises lingerie, swimwear and clothing is designed for sassy stylish confident ladies who don’t take themselves too seriously and always live life to the full. Perfect for adding a bit of extra sparkle to an awards ceremony… or a cheeky bit of under-the-clothes fun for everyday.

First fashioned by Emma Parker in 2004, Playful Promises is the dream dress-up boudoir. Ten years prior, Emma’s obsession with lingerie was formed after buying her first pair of ‘grown-up’ knickers. This gloriously tiny, lacy g-string with a tulle skirted frill edged in velvet ribbon cost 25 (which was a fortune in the 90s to an 18 year old girl). Of course, she couldn’t afford the matching bra and had to sacrifice going out that weekend but when she put on that g-string finery it was quite unlike any knickers she had worn before. The realization dawned that she could conquer the whole world in pants like those! Soon her drawers were overflowing with lacy, frilly, fabulous pieces, fuelling Emma’s addiction to lingerie and the lust that drove her to design her own.

Playful Promises very kindly donated the Paradise Teal set (above) to Little Miss Naughty who performed in it on the night, and a selection of beautifully wrapped mystery lingerie parcels for the rest of the girl-shaped winners and dancers. There were many smiling faces as the wrappings were removed, and one Irreverent Dance ‘balleteer’ even ducked out to the loos to try her new Ghost body on (left), returning to the party with her coat over the top of it to flash a lucky few guests! I asked them to sponsor the awards (before the shortlists were finalised) because I love their style and their friendly way of doing business. You really couldn’t hope to meet a lovelier bunch of ladies, and they were more than generous in their support of the Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards.

Playful Promises collections not only consist of corsets, bras and panties but also quirky gifts and eye-catching swimwear. As well as their fab online shop, they have a cute little boutique in Shoreditch’s stylish Boxpark, a fun blog and a gorgeous online magazine. I do hope you check them out and give them the love they deserve.

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