RWL Awards: The Winners!

Last night was the first, and perhaps only, Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards Ceremony. When I had the idea last year to create my own awards bash, I really didn’t think it through but – with the help of my nearest and dearest – it turned into a proper polished celebration of the work of many wonderful people. It was a fantastic night and I was so thrilled to have gathered so many amazing people together in the same room.

Thanks very much to everyone who voted in the awards and made them so popular. Here’s a list of all the very deserving winners…

Congratulations to you all! The wonderful Miss Morphic was videoing the night and I shall share her fine work with you once the editing is complete. Thanks very much to Topper for the fantastic nominee montages and overall tech awesomeness, Amanda for the splendidly smooth stage management, Lyle for taking photos, and to everyone who attended. A full report will follow… once we’ve recovered!


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