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I first discovered SLiNK magazine back in August last year, and was really taken with the concept. With the tag line “Styling Your Curves, Fashioning Your Life”, SLiNK provides a fashionable magazine to women who can sometimes find it hard to relate to what they see on the pages of ELLE or Grazia. Women with thighs that have arguments with skinny jeans, bottoms which make short skirts appear tiny, and breasts that are the arch enemy of the clingy cardigan. I bought all four of their existing print issues and discovered that, for a mere 3.95 (2.50 for the digital issue), SLiNK is excellent value for money as it contains far more content than most magazines I have picked up in the newsagent. Yes, there is advertising, but you don’t have to wade through 20 pages of it in order to find the table of contents.

There are are a variety of glorious fashion shoots in each issue, with beautiful photography and styling, featuring gorgeous clothing and lingerie. My favourites included a striking 3D shoot, beautiful body-con clothing sensually shot in Beyond the Curve, the cute candy colours of Summer Loving, stunningly sexy lingerie in NY/LON, and diversity of the models and clothing in What is Beauty? and Forever Free. SLiNK also includes interesting articles covering topics such as body image, fashion, photo retouching, cosmetic surgery, dating, health, money, family, skincare, hair, beauty, travel, culture and food. They’ve published interviews with many interesting women – including an entrepreneur, an MP, plus size models, a burlesque performer, a singer, and a designer – and there are regular trend summaries with quirky fun illustrations of catwalk outfits alongside a related selection of beautiful and readily available high street items. On top of that, each issue also includes discount codes, recipes and even car reviews. There’s no celebrity gossip, no body snark and no “how to keep your man” bullshit. How refreshing!

Now that plus size bloggers like Bethany, Georgina and Callie are being featured in high street advertising campaigns and national newspapers, and companies like M&S are using a diverse range of sizes for their shoots, it seems like the fashion world is slowly waking up to the idea that women who like fashion aren’t all size 8 and aged 18. If you want to feel like fashion is fun again, and have been looking for a magazine that can actually make you feel good about yourself, I highly recommend that you give SLiNK a try. The next issue is out on 4th March. You can buy it, and back issues, on the SLiNK magazine website.

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  1. I completely agree with you. Though I discovered Slink magazine much later than you. Will look forward to the 4th March issue.

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